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Winnebago Ekko review
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The Fit RV Reviews the Winnebago EKKO

Stef and James of The Fit RV know a thing or two about RVs. After all, they’ve been RVing for several years and blog about and document their experiences, tips,…
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Class C Review: Thor Freedom Elite

It was one of those days – no, more like one of those weeks – where chaos ruled and one thing after another seemed to go askew. That overly dramatized…
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11 Motorhomes Perfect for Pre-Game Parties

Are you ready for some tailgating? As the big game approaches, and the opportunity to celebrate the event in style becomes a reality, we need look no further than our…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Leisure Travel Vans Wonder W24RTB

Hanging bicycles on the back of a motorhome comes with inherent risks. Will the rack be strong enough to handle the weight of the bikes? Is it certified for RV…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Thor Compass 23TB

Compasses were developed by the Chinese 200 years prior to the Common Era and have been used for eons to indicate the direction one should travel. Thor Motorcoach developed its Compass…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Winnebago View 24J

As the popularity in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based Class C motorhomes continues to soar, companies like Winnebago look for ways to stand out from the crowd. The View, a nameplate that surfaced…
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Motorhomes with Amazing Outdoor Gear Storage

Outdoor Gear Storage We’ve all got stuff. Lots of stuff. Some of us may even have too much. And, especially while spending time in a motorhome, that stuff can add…
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What are the Different Classes of Motorhomes?

Classes of motorhomes sometimes create confusion, especially to those new to RVing. Even those with RV experience can, at times, get the classes mixed up when changing from one type of…
Motorhome Reviews

Class C Review: Winnebago Trend 23D

The destination kept changing but the motive didn’t. We wanted sun, water and hiking possibilities, all of which we have here in Southern California, but we wanted them somewhere else. A…