Enter to Win a Battle Born Batteries Off-Grid Power System Worth Up To $5,000

The Company is Helping RVers, Vanlifers, and Overlanders Transition to a Quieter, More Eco-Friendly Power Source

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Battle Born

Battle Born Batteries has been a leader in the clean energy space for years, creating solutions for almost any kind of off-grid adventure. Its focus on innovation, safety, and reliability has made Battle Born lithium-ion battery products especially popular with RVers, overlanders, vanlifers, and boaters. Now, the Reno, Nevada-based company has announced plans to give away a complete power system, upgrading the rig of one lucky winner with an energy solution worth up to $5,000.

battle born batteries

Photo Credit: Battle Born

At the heart of any Battle Born Batteries Power System are lightweight and reliable lithium-ion batteries. These tried-and-tested power solutions offer plenty of storage capacity, allowing them to provide electricity for appliances, HVAC systems, and other electronic devices. That makes a Battle Born energy solution a great option not just for RVers, overlanders, and boaters but homeowners looking for backup power options for use at home.

There are plenty of benefits that come with adding Battle Born Batteries to your vehicle or home. They include reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, achieving energy independence, and having the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable backup power system. These products are so good that they allow you to ditch an archaic gas-powered generator in favor of a cleaner, quieter option.

battle born batteries

Photo Credit: Battle Born

To demonstrate just how impressive its energy solutions are, Battle Born is giving away a complete power system. The kit comes with a variety of components, including three 100 amp-hour lithium-ion batteries, a Victron Multiplus-II charger/inverter, a Victron BMV-712 battery monitor, a Victron SmartSolar charge controller, a VE Bus smart dongle for monitoring temperature and voltage, and RJ45 UTP cables to connect everything. Together, those items are worth up to $5,000, making this a substantial upgrade to any RV, boat, or home.

To enter the giveaway, simply visit the Battle Born Batteries giveaway and complete the online form. The sweepstakes run from September 28 through October 2, 2023. One winner will be chosen from all of the entrants, although each participant will receive an exclusive discount code for use in the next purchase from Battle Born Batteries.

battle born batteries

Photo Credit: Battle Born

For more information on Battle Born, its batteries, and energy solutions, visit the company’s website. To enter the power system giveaway contest, click here.


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