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Ice Fishing
Places to Go & Things to Do

Ice Fishing Experiences from Coast to Coast

The weather at the start of each new year for much of the country can be, well, kind of depressing. It’s dark. It’s cold. And, aside from an errant warm…
Places to Go & Things to Do

RV Camping in Arkansas

The hummingbird vibrated on the palm of my right hand, its heart revving like a miniature motor in overdrive. It felt warm. Then, without warning, it burst into the air…
Places to Go & Things to Do

What is Ice Fishing and How to Do It

Ice fishing in North America began before the arrival of Europeans. Native Americans took fish from frozen lakes as a means of sustenance in some places after the summer and…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Travel Photography Tips for Campers

One of the most fulfilling aspects of traveling full time with our fifth-wheel trailer is taking photos of what we see, sharing them with friends and family, and reliving our…
Places to Go & Things to Do

RVing in Bella Coola, BC

“The end of the road.” While some may see this phrase as having negative connotations, I’m here to argue otherwise. Because I’ve been to places where the road ends, and…
Places to Go & Things to Do

5 Colorado Lakes for Calm Fishing

One of my family’s great pleasures is a waterfront campsite where we can swim, paddle, fish, and watch birds and other wildlife attracted to the water. Paddling and fishing are…
Life on the Road

Stay Fit with SUP Exercise

We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15,” the unfortunate weight gain that sometimes accompanies living out of college dorm refrigerators and eating cafeteria food. But you might be more familiar…