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Video: See a Tiny Ford Transit Van That’s Been Converted into an RV

Take a Tour of a DIY Micro Camper Van Conversion with All the Comforts of Home

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Misty Miles YouTube Channel

Because it is well-built, reliable, and spacious, the Ford Transit van serves as a platform for a number of Class B camper van models, both commercial and DIY. The same can’t be said of the Ford Transit Connect, which is a much smaller vehicle. This model shares its bigger sibling’s excellent build quality and features but is more likely to be used as a delivery vehicle rather than an RV. But as you’ll see in the video above, a little ingenuity and craftsmanship can go a long way, fully transforming the interior.

The video takes us on an extensive tour of a 2010 Transit Connect that was converted into a camper by its owner Terri. She bought the little vehicle on eBay for £2,800 or roughly $3,550, with about 70,000 miles on the odometer. She then went about renovating the cargo area, starting with adding insulation to turn it into a viable option for cold-weather camping. She also added windows to the rear doors for extra natural light and a vent in the ceiling to improve ventilation.

Next, Terri used wooden pallets to cover the van’s metal walls, creating a cozier space and adding character to the interior. She also built a wooden cabinet with a built-in bamboo sink and added shelves, cabinets, and drawers for storage. A small couch serves as her lounge/dinette during the day and converts into a bed in the evening. A 12V powered cooler serves as her refrigerator, and the van has LED lighting strategically placed throughout. An onboard power system provides electricity as needed, although Terri puts very little demand on it, mainly recharging her phone, camera, and other small devices.

Ford Transit camper van

Photo Credit: Misty Miles YouTube Channel

The micro-camper offers about 131 cubic feet of living space, which is fine for when Terri is traveling alone, but it gets crowded when anyone else comes along. But thanks to clever design, she’s managed to make the most of the space, even utilizing hidden areas for storage. Despite its small size, it seems to work well, as she has successfully traveled through ten countries using her tiny van.

To get a better sense of this Ford Transit Connect camper van, hit play on the video above. You’ll discover an RV that is very small but incredibly functional and cozy. What more do you need when setting out on an adventure?

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