Storyteller Overland Acquires GoCamp, Expands Adventure Van Rentals into New Markets

The two companies join forces to make RV Camping more accessible to a larger audience.

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Campervan manufacturer Storyteller Overland has acquired RV rental service GoCamp in a move that will help both organizations expand into new markets. The merger formalizes a relationship that has already existed between the two companies, allowing them to work more closely with one another to strengthen their existing brands.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces more formally with Storyteller Overland. MODE owners had been enjoying so much success through GoCamp and delighting renters so thoroughly that formalizing GoCamp’s special relationship with Storyteller Overland was a logical next step,” said Deborah Kane, GoCamp founder, and CEO.

Storyteller Overland designs and builds a line of “MODE” Type B campervans. The rugged adventure vehicles are built on the chassis of Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter vans and come packed with amenities, earning a loyal following of overlanders. In addition to offering AWD drivetrains and durable suspensions made for off-roading, the vehicles feature roof racks, solar ports, powered awnings, and heavy-duty shore power inlets. Inside, the vans are equipped with large beds, generous cargo space, touchscreen control systems, and custom-built cabinetry.

The company’s reputation for delivering reliable, go-anywhere vehicles have earned it a loyal following with overlanders.

Founded to be the Airbnb of campervans, GoCamp matches RV owners with potential renters. As with the vacation rental company, GoCamp’s website allows owners to list their vehicles and set their asking price. Members looking to rent a vehicle can then connect with the owners directly to inquire about availability. Unsurprisingly, Storyteller Overland vans have been popular models amongst GoCamp since its launch.

“Storyteller Overland and GoCamp are a perfect match,” says Storyteller Overland founder and CEO Jeffrey Hunter in a press release announcing the merger. “Both of our teams are passionate about empowering people for grand adventure out on the open road and beyond, and each of our brands thrives on fostering connectedness among the growing communities we serve.”

The merger will allow GoCamp to expand out of the western US and into other parts of the country. Meanwhile, the rental website will provide Storyteller Overland van owners with a trusted and secure method for renting their vehicles. Together, the two companies will connect with an audience that directly overlaps with one another.

At the moment, the GoCamp website shows roughly 150 campervans available to rent, spread across Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. That number is expected to grow considerably as the service expands across the Midwest and to the East Coast. Giving Storyteller Overland owners an officially-endorsed site to safely rent their vehicles should bolster those numbers significantly as well.



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