Roadmaster Debuts Universal Lighting Solution for Towed Vehicles

The Accessories Manufacturer's New Auxiliary Lighting Kit Makes Towing Easier and Safer

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Roadmaster

Earlier this week, Roadmaster, Inc. took the wraps off its latest product, and as usual, the company is looking to make towing safer and easier. The newly announced Auxiliary Lighting Kit is built for use with any towed vehicle, including those where traditional wiring diodes simply won’t work. Best of all, installation is a straightforward affair, allowing just about anyone to add lights to a dinghy or trailer.

Roadmaster auxiliary lighting kit

Photo Credit: Roadmaster

The new Auxiliary Lighting Kit comes with its own wiring harness designed to run the length of the towed vehicle. The harness includes a built-in “Y” junction, which makes running wire to both sides of the vehicle much more manageable. An industrial-level adhesive backing gives the installer more freedom and creativity when it comes to placing the included light strips.

The kit features color-coded wiring for easy plug-and-play installation and comes with pre-stripped and tinned wire ends. Those wires slip neatly into flip latch connectors that match the corresponding colors. This makes adding lights to any vehicle extremely quick and simple, even without prior wiring experience. Check out Roadmaster’s online instructions to get a sense of how easy it is to install.

Roadmaster auxiliary lighting kit

Photo Credit: Roadmaster

The lights consist of 10″ LED strips with a removable 3M adhesive tape that allows them to stick to nearly any surface. Once installed and wired, the strips display turn signals, as well as running and braking lights. The LED strips are also fully removable when necessary, providing additional versatility without causing damage to the vehicle.

For more information, visit the Roadmaster website.

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