High-Tech Amenities Meet Hill Country Vistas at in New Texas Resort

Add Skye Texas Hill Country Resort to your must-visit destinations 

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

A new RV resort in Texas Hill Country meets travelers growing appetites for data, electric vehicle charging, and novel camping experiences. Skye Texas Hill Country Resort, 15 miles north of Fredericksburg, boasts EV charging stations at every site, gigabit-speed internet service, and other cutting-edge features.

Opened on March 18 and close to State Route 87, the resort cuts a sleek profile against the rolling hills and sweeping pastures of the Hill Country terrain. The resort’s two swimming pools sit surrounded by angular glass and steel buildings with ample windows that allow guests to view the untamed landscapes. The developers have preserved the ecology of the rugged environment, with natural grasses and trees flourishing on the 250 acres of land that surround the quiet oasis.

Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Photo Credit: Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Nature lovers can spot wildlife, butterflies, and birds thriving in the surrounding area. Look for bright red cardinals, graceful antelope, white-tailed deer, and black swallowtail butterflies.

“Guests can go horseback riding, take a tour of a bison ranch or book rock climbing adventures nearby,” says Adam Evans, the resort’s general manager. Guests can sign up for these experiences through the park’s website or onsite concierge service.

To round out the guest experience, the resort has also partnered with private chefs who are willing to come onsite and prepare meals for guests at their campsite, according to Evans. Pickleball, bocce ball, and shuffleboard courts are also available, along with stylish bathhouse facilities known at the resort as Soak Hauses. Planned activities include yoga classes.

Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Photo Credit: Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Hill Country Haven

Nature trails surrounding the resort will guide campers through various habitats, but visitors can get glimpses of the natural world from inside the facilities. Guests staying in the Nature Pods can take advantage of the ample windows of the glamping dwellings, which are built on wooden platforms composed of sustainable materials that form a dome-like shape. The pods accommodate two to four people with a bed, kitchenette, dining table, private bath, and shower.

For RV travelers, the resort’s full-hookup 63 campsites have 130-amp pedestals with 50/30/20-amp options. There are pull-through sites and a max length of 65 feet. A dedicated 30-amp outlet recharges EVs.

Visitors can also rent Hill Country Cabins, which offer tasteful decor along with EV charging stations. Guests can lounge on the porch and view the resort’s back lake, taking in the sweeping vistas that include amazing Texas sunsets.

Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Photo Credit: Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Dark Sky Delights

Yes, the stars are big and bright here. Enjoying a remote location with little light pollution, Fredericksburg has earned the status of International Dark Sky Community. Crystal-clear views of the Milky Way, meteor showers, and constellations entice skywatchers to this part of the state.

“We even have a professor who will come to the park to provide private astronomy talks,” Evans tells us.

Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

Photo Credit: Skye Texas Hill Country Resort

The area also sits in the path of the April 8 Total Eclipse, when the moon will blot out the sun over parts of the South, Midwest, New England, and Canada. Although the resort is sold out on that date, visitors to the town can still participate in several eclipse-related activities held locally. Attend the Eclipse-O-Rama, a two-day event put on by the Planetary Society and hosted by science communicator Bill Nye, or watch the eclipse for free at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Park.

Another big celestial event rolls around on October 24, when the Annular Solar Eclipse partially obscures old Sol. And Skye Texas Hill Country Resort also offers the perfect perch for watching the proceedings unfold.

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