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Live Your Best #Vanlife with Easy to Install Modular Components

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One of the reasons camper vans exploded in popularity is the options they present when it comes to building out a custom RV. Once gutted, the vehicle’s interior becomes a blank canvas, allowing DIY and professional renovators to create the perfect mobile living space. Those upgrades can often be costly and time-consuming, however, turning a van conversion into a daunting task. But a company called Adventure Wagon looks to make things as simple as possible by using modular interiors that are easy to install and retain plenty of flexibility.

Adventure Wagon

Image Courtesy of Adventure Wagon

Modular Adventure

Adventure Wagon’s goal is to make it as easy as possible to customize the interior of any van. To make that happen, the company created a versatile and innovative system that takes the guesswork out of that process. By using modular components designed to fit inside Sprinter and Transit vans, owners can transform the cargo area into livable space in a fraction of the time it would typically take.

The conversion process starts with the installation of what the company calls the A-Frame. This consists of a series of steel braces that are interconnected throughout the interior, forming the foundation for adding wall, ceiling, and floor paneling. Metal logistic track (or L-track) is later bolted onto the frame, allowing modular storage compartments, a bed, and other components to be securely connected.

The modular interior system also makes it easy to install power and insulation. For example, the Adventure Wagon kit comes with pre-measured electrical wiring and pre-cut 3M Thinsulate to help regulate the cabin’s temperature. Those components drop into place without the need for special tools or training. A ventilation fan is also part of the upgrade kit, and Espar heaters are an optional add-on.

Adventure Wagon

Image Courtesy of Adventure Wagon

Configuring the Perfect Camper Van

The process for choosing the correct components for a van starts with Adventure Wagon’s custom configuration tool. This website asks prospective customers a series of questions to help determine precisely what they’ll need for their build-out, starting with the van’s model, year, and type. Those options can include a variety of crew and cargo layouts, which may or may not come with windows. This determines the structure of the A-Frame, which gets installed throughout the vehicle.

From there, the van owner can select the color of both the upholstery panels and the logistic track, the type of flooring they want installed, and whether or not they need additional seating. Other options include the style of the ceiling panels, the placement of the ventilation fan, and a choice of lighting. They can even customize the color of each individual wall panel and the metal trim around it to meet the customer’s expectations.

Customers can also add one of Adventure Wagon’s optional sleep systems, which can be elevated to save internal space. Van owners can choose to purchase a mattress from the company or bring their own, and add onboard storage in the form of the company’s proprietary Mule Bag system. Other options include sliding gear trays, additional insulation, a Dometic fridge, and various other accessories and add-ons.

Running through the configuration tool could be an overwhelming experience, but Adventure Wagon makes it very easy. The system displays a graphical representation of the inside of a van to demonstrate how the user’s choices impact the design. That includes showing the color scheme options and how adding different add-ons affects the interior space.

Adventure Wagon

Image Courtesy of Adventure Wagon

Have It Installed or DIY?

Once all of the options are selected, the next decision to be made is whether or not to install the system yourself or have someone else do it. The various components are designed so that it is easy for just about anyone to complete the installation. But not everyone has the free time nor feels comfortable taking on a project of this scope.

As an alternative, Adventure Wagon offers factory installation at the company’s Portland, OR headquarters. Getting the van to that location may not be convenient for every customer, but fortunately, there are other options available. The company has a network of certified installers throughout the country with extensive experience with the process. Customers can choose to work with one of those organizations instead, getting a professional install closer to home.

Once the upgrade is complete, Adventure Wagons backs it with a three-year limited warranty. The warranty period begins on the date of delivery and covers everything in the company’s modular interior system. Third-party add-ons—such as a Dometic refrigerator or Espar heater—are covered under the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty instead.

Adventure Wagon

Image Courtesy of Adventure Wagon

Satisfied Customers

One of the more interesting sections of the Adventure Wagon website is its community profiles. Here you’ll find plenty of examples of how the company’s modular conversion system fits into a variety of vans, with photos showing off the interior space. The owners of those vans also share what they love most about their vehicles, how they use them in their adventures, and the most memorable trips they’ve taken. These testimonials say a lot about how the vans perform in the real world and provide a good sense of what potential customers can expect after they’ve converted their own vehicles.

The photos also provide excellent examples of how the interior of an Adventure Wagon varies greatly. While each of these vehicles uses similar modular pieces, they all have their own unique look and design. Some of that is due to owners personalizing the space to fit their needs, but the numerous options available for customization from the factory play a role too. As a result, these camper vans don’t look like cookie-cutter designs, despite their shared components.

For more information, visit the Adventure Wagon website. We recommend playing with the online configurator to get a good idea of everything the company offers and how many options are available for potential van conventions and renovations.

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