Protect Your Outdoor Gear and Vehicle’s Paint Job with a RigStrip

Magnetic Strip Attaches to a Vehicle, Preventing Skis, Fishing Poles, and Bikes From Tumbling Over

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of RigStrips

If you’ve ever leaned your skis, fishing poles, mountain bike, or other equipment against the side of your car, only to watch them slide to the ground in dramatic fashion, then we have just the thing for you. A new product called the RigStrip is here to prevent those kinds of accidents from happening, protecting your outdoor gear—not to mention your vehicle’s paint job–in the process.


Image Courtesy of RigStrips

The concept behind the RigStrip is a simple one. Made from rugged, weatherproof plastic, the “strip” attaches to the side of a car, truck, or RV using magnets or an adhesive back. Once in place, it provides a safe spot to rest skis, snowboards, bikes, or other items against the vehicle without actually touching the paint. A series of slots prevents the equipment from falling over, damaging itself scratching the car’s paint job on the way down.

RigStrip founders Steven Graf and Zhach Pham say that the idea came to them after watching their skis tumble to the ground in the parking lot of a resort. Knowing that their outdoor gear is expensive and sometimes fragile, they searched for a way to prevent that from happening again. When they couldn’t find anything that satisfied their needs, they decided to design and build a product themselves.


Image Courtesy of RigStrips

The RigStrip is available in two unique versions—the Snostrip and the Sunstrip. While both are versatile enough to be used with a variety of equipment, each model comes with slots designed to hold specific gear. For instance, the Snostrip can accommodate skis, snowboards, and other winter outdoor accessories, while the Sunstrip has space for fishing rods, mountain bikes, and firearms.

While the Sunstrip only comes in a magnetic version, the Snostrip is available with either a magnetic or adhesive back. The adhesive model—which works well with fiberglass RVs— attaches more permanently to the vehicle, while the magnetic RigStrip can easily be added or removed as needed. The company says that both versions remain secure at highway speeds and during inclement weather, although the magnetic edition may become detached when passing through a carwash.


Image Courtesy of RigStrips

While the Snostrip and Sunstrip can be attached to any part of a vehicle, the RigStrips team recommends placing them on the rear quarter panel just above the wheel well. This location further reduces the chances of the edge of a ski or bike frame accidentally coming in contact with the side of the car. This is also convenient when retrieving other equipment from the trunk, truck bed, or rear storage area.

RigStrips are one of those products that are so simple and obvious you’ll wonder why no one has thought of it before. It solves a problem that has been challenging for outdoor enthusiasts for a long time, eliminating a lot of frustration in the process. Both models are available to order directly from the RigStrips website, with discounts for ordering multiple strips.

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