EcoFlow Built a Portable AC Unit That’s Perfect for Camping

The Battery Operated Air Conditioner is Perfect for Small RVs and Tents

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With the dog days of summer rapidly approaching, EcoFlow made an opportune announcement regarding the next addition to its product line-up. The company—which is best known for its portable power stations and solar panels—has taken the wraps off a battery-operated air conditioning unit. The small and lightweight device promises to be a game-changer for staying cool on the go and should especially appeal to RVers and tent campers.

EcoFlow Wave

Image Courtesy of EcoFlow

Dubbed the EcoFlow Wave, the portable AC unit weighs 38.5 pounds and can reportedly cool down a 64-square foot area by as much as 10ºF in just eight minutes. The device can produce as much as 4000 BTUs of cooling power and runs at a relatively quiet 55 decibels, roughly the same as a residential refrigerator. It can operate within a temperature range of 41ºF to 122ºF and includes onboard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that enable smartphone connectivity for adjusting the Wave’s settings.

The air conditioner can be powered by an optional battery pack or a portable power station. When operating under its own power, EcoFlow says that the Wave can run for up to three hours on a single charge or as much as 12 hours when using the company’s Delta Pro power station. The unit can also be plugged into a standard AC wall outlet or a 12-volt car port when available. EcoFlow’s solar panels can recharge the Wave’s battery in the field.

The Wave will start shipping in July, although EcoFlow has begun taking preorders for the unit. It is being sold as a standalone product or paired with the optional battery pack. The company also offers Wave bundles that include the air conditioner and either a Delta Max or Delta Pro power station. All options are available in limited numbers and sold with substantial discounts for early-bird adopters.

For more information about the EcoFlow Wave, visit the company’s website.

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