TireMinder Valve Extenders are Now Available at Camping World

It is Now Easier Than Ever to Get Your Hands On the Company’s Award-Winning TPMS Systems and Accessories

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Tires come in many different sizes, which can sometimes make installing a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) a challenge. Fortunately, the engineers at TireMinder have found a way to make that process as simple as possible, even if your truck, trailer, or motorhome has very large wheels. The company’s high-quality valve extenders significantly improve compatibility with its TPMS devices, allowing the system to be used on more vehicles. Those extenders are now available at Camping World, making it much easier for customers to get their hands on them.

TireMinder’s valve extenders are sold in packs of two and come in both straight and angled versions. The straight extenders are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch lengths, while the angled versions come in 45-, 90-, 135-, and 180-degree versions. All models are compatible with most RV tires, making inflating and adding TPMS sensors much easier.

In addition to selling valve extenders and installation kits, Camping World stocks a variety of other TireMinder products as well. The retailer offers the company’s TPMS devices, as well as accessories like additional tire sensors, heavy-duty tire gauges, and an excellent portable RV air compressor.

TireMinder valve extenders

Photo Credit: TireMinder

All of these products are available online at the Camping World website or in the TireMinder section of its brick-and-mortar stores. This makes it easy for new and existing customers to find all of the TPMS products and accessories they need in one convenient place.

Adding a tire pressure monitoring system—such as the TireMinder i10—brings added safety and security to any vehicle. A TPMS allows drivers to keep an eye on the current inflation levels of each individual tire even as they drive down the road. The device can also provide alerts when a tire’s inflation levels are too low, or its temperature is too high. This allows RVers to minimize the wear and tear on their tires and avoid a dangerous blowout.

For more information on all of TireMinder’s products, visit the company’s website. And be sure to drop by Camping World to purchase a TPMS, valve extenders, and other essential accessories.

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