The TireMinder i10 TPMS is the Best Upgrade You Can Give Your RV

This Tire Pressure Monitoring System is Easy to Install and Provides Critical Information While Driving

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While tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have become commonplace in the cars and trucks we drive daily, they remain rare in RVs. Thankfully, TireMinder makes adding a TPMS to our recreational vehicles very easy, greatly increasing our safety and security in the process. It is so simple in fact, that the company has won the Readers’ Choice Awards Gold in the TPMS category in Motorhome, Trailer Life, and now RV Magazine each year since 2012.

The TireMinder i10 RV TPMS is designed for use in motorhomes, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, boat trailers, or just about anything else with wheels. To install the system, users simply attach a sensor to the valves on each of the vehicle’s tire stems. Those sensors monitor the current pressure on each tire, wirelessly broadcasting that information to a receiver in the cab of the RV or tow vehicle.

The receiver has a 3.15″ color screen that can display the current pressure levels in up to ten individual tires, seamlessly switching between a tow vehicle and a trailer as needed. The installed sensors have an accuracy of plus or minus 1 pound per square inch (PSI), ranging from 0 to 199 PSI. Those same sensors also monitor the temperature of the tires and sound an alarm if they begin to overheat.

TireMinder TPMS RV

Photo Credit: TireMinder

TireMinder’s TPMS is designed to be modular and can swap between up to four vehicles. The wireless receiver can monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously or as many as 40 tires spread across multiple cars, trucks, or RVs. User-replaceable batteries power the system’s wireless sensors, and a high-powered signal booster is included for use on larger vehicles or truck/trailer combos.

Pricing for the TireMinder i10 TPMS starts at $279, including the receiver, signal booster, and four tire sensors. The system is also available in kits with six and ten sensors for $329.99 and $479.99, respectively. Additional sensors can be purchased separately from the company’s website.

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