The TireMinder RV Air Compressor Adds Convenience and Safety

Properly Inflated Tires Make Your RV Safer and More Fuel-Efficient

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It is impossible to overstate the importance of good tire maintenance for an RV. Something as simple as keeping the tires properly inflated can prevent premature wear and tear and ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. But changes in temperature and elevation can dramatically impact tire pressure, resulting in a stressful situation while traveling. With the TireMinder RV Air Compressor, you can avoid those frustrations and confidently return to the road.

Compact—yet powerful—the air compressor weighs just 14 pounds. Despite its diminutive size, it is surprisingly fast and efficient. The unit can inflate a completely flat tire on a Class A motorhome to 100 PSI in under 12 minutes, getting you back on the road in no time. Better still, quick top-offs take less than a minute, keeping RVers from seeking a service station that can accommodate their rig.

The TireMinder RV Air Compressor is designed to be very easy to use. Simply clip the included 12-volt jumper cable-style power cord to a battery and connect the air hose to the unit. Then, turn the device on and attach the hose to the stem of the tire. The inflation process begins immediately and, in most cases, takes just a few seconds to complete.

TireMinder RV Air Compressor

Photo Credit: TireMinder

While the RV Air Compressor’s motor is fast and powerful, it isn’t especially noisy. The device produces about 60 decibels of noise, roughly equivalent to a normal conversation. This makes it safe to use at a campground without bothering the neighbors. Additionally, its motor is so efficient that it can actually run for up to one hour without overheating. For safety purposes, an automatic shutoff is built-in.

The Air Compressor ships with a 30’ main air hose and a 30’ extension. Together, those two hoses should be long enough to reach all of the tires on just about any RV. A digital tire gauge—with an accuracy of +/-1 PSI—is also included, as is a three-year warranty.

Priced at $369.99, the TireMinder RV Air Compressor is a must-have accessory for any motorhome, travel trailer, or tow vehicle. And when paired with one of the company’s tire pressure monitoring systems, it improves the safety levels of those vehicles while out on the road. For more information, visit the TireMinder website.

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