Starlink Can Now be Used in Moving Vehicles

Satellite Internet Provider Gets FCC Approval for Use in RVs, Boats, and Aircraft That are in Motion

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Starlink

In May, satellite internet provider Starlink launched a new RV-friendly plan that allows customers to use the service while traveling. In doing so, RVers gained a new option for having fast internet connections no matter where they roamed, including off-the-grid campsites. However, this new Portability plan came with a few caveats, including that the service didn’t work while the vehicle was in motion. But thanks to a new order from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that could soon change.

The update from the FCC gives Starlink permission to begin using its satellite receivers on moving vehicles. This clears the way for the company to bring its high-speed internet service to commercial aircraft and ships, which have been a part of Starlink’s business plan for some time. But it also means those same receivers could be used on RVs while driving down the highway.

Starlink RV

Image Courtesy of SpaceX

As of the publication of this article, Starlink has yet to change its terms of service allowing customers to connect while a vehicle is in motion. But, it is possible that such a change could come in the future, giving RVers fast, reliable internet at every stage of their journey.

In the authorization order, the FCC said, “Authorizing a new class of terminals for SpaceX’s [Starlink’s parent company] satellite system will expand the range of broadband capabilities to meet the growing user demands that now require connectivity while on the move, whether driving an RV across the country, moving a freighter from Europe to a US port or while on a domestic or international flight.”

Starlink RV

Image Courtesy of Starlink

This news is especially good for RVers working full- or part-time from their motorhomes. A good internet connection is vital for communicating with coworkers, sharing files, and joining Zoom calls. With Starlink service, that could soon be possible even while in transit from one campground to another.

To find out more about Starlink, visit the company’s website.

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