Ignik Topside Heated Blanket Review: Warmth When and Where You Need it Most

This Electric Blanket Will Keep You Warm and Cozy at the Campsite This Winter

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Ignik

Modern technology has made it easier than ever to stay warm in the outdoors. Flexible and efficient heating elements—combined with lightweight portable power sources—have given rise to heated clothing, including vests, jackets, socks, and more. These products allow those of us who are normally averse to the cold to boldly venture outside even when the mercury has taken a plunge.

Now, an outdoor gear company called Ignik has taken that same concept and applied it to the camping blanket, giving us a new way to stay cozy at the campsite, in your backyard, and while tailgating.

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

Photo Credit: Ignik

An Electric Blanket to Go

At first glance, the Ignik Topside Heated Blanket resembles many other outdoor blankets on the market. Made from durable fabrics consisting of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, it looks and feels like a high-quality product. Measuring 52” x 72”, the blanket provides plenty of coverage for one person with a little extra room to spare. It even has integrated connectors that allow it to be worn like a cape.

But what sets the Topside apart from most other blankets is the three-zone heating element integrated inside its layers of fabrics. This turns it into an electric blanket that you can take just about anywhere, providing warmth on demand, This gives it the potential to be a real game changer when camping in cold conditions, whether that’s in a tent, car, or RV.

Unlike heated jackets and vests, the Topside isn’t powered by a small USB battery pack. Instead, it plugs into a 12V port like those commonly found in vehicles and portable power stations. This limits how far you can wander with the blanket but also offers some significant advantages. Those power sources provide more juice than a battery bank, allowing the Topside to run for hours at a time, even on its warmest setting. In comparison, most heated apparel only produces a similar level of heat for an hour or two at best before requiring a recharge.

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

Photo Credit: Ignik

Smart Controls

The Topside Heated Blanket comes with an integrated remote control that allows users to quickly and easily adjust its temperature settings. The device offers ten levels of heat and has a built-in timer that can be set to automatically turn the blanket off after one to ten hours. This allows it to stay on just long enough to warm you up or all night if needed. All you need is a power source with enough electricity to keep it running.

During our testing, we paired the Topside with a portable power station with a 1000Wh battery. That was enough energy to keep the blanket running for 30+ hours without requiring a recharge. At the campsite, you’re likely to plug other things into the power station as well, which will diminish the runtime more quickly. Still, this gives you a sense of real-world performance while using it in the field.

While the Topside’s three heating zones aren’t individually adjustable, Ignik has tuned them for optimal performance. The upper and lower zones run a little warmer to help keep your feet and upper body comfortable. Meanwhile, the heating zone that covers most of the torso and upper legs provides a moderate level of heat. While the temperature is set a little lower, we found it to be more than sufficient to keep us warm while keeping power consumption to a minimum. Adjusting the temperature level using the inline remote gave us granular control over our comfort.

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket

Photo Credit: Ignik

Comfort at the Campsite and Beyond

Initially, we thought the Topside Heated Blanket would make a great addition to any RV, but especially vehicles that aren’t designed for extended-season or four-season camping. While that certainly remains true, we also found ourselves using the blanket in other ways, too. For instance, it came in handy just curling up on the couch at home following a recent and unexpected cold snap. It was also useful when gathering around the firepit in the backyard on a chilly evening.

In cool conditions, the Topside is warm enough that it can be used in lieu of powering up the furnace in your RV. And when things get truly cold, it helps take the chill off and limits the need to turn up the heat in the vehicle. And because it is made from durable materials, you can even take it outside for use around the campsite.

Warm, comfortable, and versatile, the Topside is a fantastic addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s gear closet. It heats up very quickly, creating a cozy shroud of warmth that protects from the cold. Be warned, though, since it is only large enough for one person, there may be some arguments that ensue over who gets to use it. Couples may want to play it safe and order two.

Priced at $199.95, the Topside Heated Blanket is competitively priced with other blankets designed for outdoor use. The difference is most of those options don’t provide the performance of an electric blanket in such a portable form factor. Trust us, once you’ve given this model a go, it’ll be hard to use a traditional blanket while camping ever again. And those who truly hate feeling cold will find the Topside is worth every penny.

Find out more at the Ignik website.

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