The Bluetti AC180 Mobile Power Station is the Perfect Travel Companion

The Latest Charging Solution From Bluetti Delivers Fast-Charging Capabilities and Powerful Specs

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Bluetti

Bluetti’s AC180 mobile power station has arrived, bringing an impressive set of specs and features along with it. The device prioritizes portability and functionality, offering RVers, vanlifers, and car campers a charging solution to meet the demands of their active lifestyle.

Smaller and lighter than Bluetti’s previous mid-range power stations, AC200P and AC200MAX, the AC180 packs plenty of features into its compact design. The device comes with a 1,152-watt-hour battery and is capable of a sustained output of 1,800 watts and a peak output of up to 2,700 watts. This translates to recharging a smartphone more than 100 times or running a portable refrigerator for 18+ hours. It also means you can run small appliances, an LCD TV, or a CPAP machine even while camping in a remote location.

Bluetti AC180 power station

Photo Credit: Bluetti

The AC180’s 1,440-watt max input is a substantial upgrade over previous Bluetti models, offering nearly three times the charging capacity. This allows the power station to go from zero to an 80% charge in less than 45 minutes when using a 120V AC wall outlet. The device’s max solar input is up to 500 watts, improving recharge times to approximately 3 hours under optimal conditions.

Bluetti also gives AC180 owners the ability to control the power station remotely from their mobile devices using a smart app. This feature makes it easy to monitor power input and output, adjust modes, and check the remaining battery life. The unit can even serve as an uninterruptible power supply, automatically taking over as the source of electricity for mission-critical devices during a blackout within 20 ms.

Bluetti AC180 power station

Photo Credit: Bluetti

Measuring 13.4” x 9.7” x 12.5” and weighing 35.2 pounds, the AC180 is easy to store and transport. The power station comes with built-in handles and is ruggedly built to survive life in the outdoors. And when paired with Bluetti solar panels, the device offers a nearly endless supply of clean energy for your off-grid adventures.

Like previous models, Bluetti AC180 uses LiFePO4 battery cells, besides, Bluetti offers a 5-year warranty on this product, which sets it apart from its competitors. This power station can also be connected to either a Bluetti B230 or B300 expansion battery using the P090D to DC7909 cable, which enables those device to function as an expansion power bank. Additionally, when purchasing the AC180+B230 or AC180+B300 bundle, customers will receive the P090D to DC7909 External Battery Connection Cable, valued at US$89.00, as a free gift.

Bluetti AC180 power station

Photo Credit: Bluetti

The AC180 portable power station normally retails for $949, but to celebrate the launch of the device Bluetti is offering an introductory price of just $799. That’s a 15% discount, making this an outstanding deal for a highly-capable mobile charging solution. For more information and to purchase one for yourself, visit the Bluetti website.

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