EcoFlow Introduces Powerful New DELTA Pro 3 Power Station

The company’s flagship device gets more powerful and refined.

Image Caption: Photo Credit: EcoFlow

EcoFlow, a major innovator in the home and portable power market has revealed the next generation of its popular DELTA Pro line of power stations. Today, the company launches the DELTA Pro 3, an updated version of its flagship power station model, which comes with a slew of impressive upgrades over previous generations.

The DELTA Pro 3’s specs are nothing short of extraordinary for a power station of its size. The unit offers 120/240V output of up to 4,000Wh and has an onboard storage capacity of 4,000Wh as well. This allows it to run practically anything you can plug into, including high-capacity appliances, electronics, power tools, and more. The base model alone has enough capacity to run a residential refrigerator for up to three days, with the option to expand energy storage as needed.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3

Photo Credit: EcoFlow

With seven unique and 18 combo charging methods, keeping the DELTA Pro 3 charged and operating has never been easier. The power station’s batteries can be replenished using an AC wall outlet, a 12V vehicle charging port, solar panels, a gas generator, and even an EV charging station. Some of those options can be combined for a faster, more efficient charging solution with power input options as high as 7,000W. The device’s fast-charging capabilities even allow it to go from 0-80% in under 50 minutes using standard 120V AC.

EcoFlow’s modular, plug-and-play approach allows the DELTA Pro 3 to expand its capabilities to meet an individual user’s needs. The power station can be combined with other DELTA Pro 3 units and expansion battery packs to create a whole-home solution with as much as 48kWh of capacity. That’s enough to run most homes for up to four days.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3

Photo Credit: EcoFlow

The DELTA Pro 3 is also EcoFlow’s first product to fully utilize its new X-Core 3.0 technology. This system uses commercial-grade electric vehicle components to provide increased surge power for high-demand appliances, faster charging, and safer operation overall. The unit reportedly operates at cooler temperatures while remaining whisper-quiet, too.

A single DELTA Pro 3 makes an excellent companion for RVers, boondockers, and overlanders. The power station’s outstanding capacity and output allow it to run pretty much any appliance or electronic device with plenty of overhead to spare. That includes air conditioning units, which often require the most power to operate properly. Its versatility for recharging is also impressive, especially when paired with EcoFlow’s new 800-watt Alternator Charger.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3

Photo Credit: EcoFlow has gotten its hands on a review unit, and we’ll be doing a full review of the DELTA Pro 3 toon. We can tell you, having used plenty of EcoFlow products in the past, that this one does not disappoint and is likely to be a big hit with fans of the original model.

The new EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 is available now for $3,699, although it is currently on sale through July 23 for $3,199. The company is also offering several deals on DELTA Pro 3 bundles, including the following:

For reliable backup power, combine DELTA Pro 3 with Smart Extra Battery for $6298 ($5498 through July 23).
For outdoor enthusiasts, bundle DELTA Pro 3 with the EcoFlow Alternator Charger for $4298 ($3799 through July 23).
For a smart home power solution, pair DELTA Pro 3 with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 for $5598 ($4798 through July 23).
For an efficient hybrid backup solution, combine DELTA Pro 3 with the new Dual Fuel Smart Generator 4000 for $5498 ($4698 through July 23).

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