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How to Remove Water Spots on an RV

Even after washing and thoroughly rinsing an RV, it’s easy to have water spots left behind. Not only are they unsightly, but over time, being mineral deposits, they can actually…
DIY, New To RVing, RV Living

Spring Fever

Getting your motorhome ready to roll after winter storage makes for a successful travel season Each year as winter thaws, the first thing most of us think about is getting…

Devilish on Dirt

    RV enthusiasts now have an easier way to improve air quality and keep their rigs cleaner. The Dirt Devil CV1500 by H-P Products runs quieter and offers 26…
Gear, RV News

Quick Flat Fix

  Ideally, all tubeless tires should be repaired from the inside out — but in an emergency situation, that’s not always possible. The Stop & Go Tire Plugger allows for…
Gear, RV News

First-Aid for Shades

  Window shades make a significant contribution to the privacy and overall comfort of our rigs, but they get dirty. Give them the love and attention they deserve with United…
Motorhome News, New Gear

3-in-1 Cleaner

Walex Products has added another product to its RV lineup with Green Hornet, an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combines rubber roof cleaner, awning cleaner and black streak remover…
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Waxing Made Easy

Keeping the exterior of a motorhome clean and waxed is a never-ending process. Many of us store our rigs outside, subjecting the exterior to harsh elements including dirt, soot, bird…

GOJO Hand Cleaner Degreaser

GOJO’s Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner Degreaser is a fast and effective solution to tough soils that come with working under the hood. The Gel Pumice cleans the heaviest dirt,…
New Gear

Prolonged Surface Protection

A new formula from Prolong Super Lubricants aims to protect and add shine to motorhomes, inside and out. Prolong’s Super Protectant is an instant detailer that is said to be…