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Waxing Made Easy

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Keeping the exterior of a motorhome clean and waxed is a never-ending process. Many of us store our rigs outside, subjecting the exterior to harsh elements including dirt, soot, bird droppings and hours of intense sunshine. Every time I get ready to wash and wax a motorhome I think about that famous line in the “Karate Kid” movie: “Wax on wax off.” Repetitive motion is something I’m not fond of.

Shurhold Industries feels our pain. The company specializes in RV cleaning products, and its Dual Action Polisher takes the drudgery out of waxing a motorhome. I’ve always been impressed with the skill of professional detailers. They fling a large rotary buffer with great precision. But a rotary buffer in the hands of an inexperienced user can lead to burns and swirl marks that can ruin the look of a beautiful full-body paint job. Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher eliminates those concerns by using a 6-inch oscillating head that prevents casual users from making costly mistakes. The polisher uses quick-change pads with hook-and-loop backing and has a 20-foot power cord, which provides good versatility in movement.

Out of the box, the 6-inch head looks pretty small when up against the side wall real estate of a big motorhome, but the process actually goes fast, especially when compared to hand waxing. Six speeds allow the polisher to handle different detailing chores: waxing/buffing, polishing/cleaning and removing paint defects and swirls.

Once the surface is clean and dry, wax is applied using a black foam polishing pad that sticks to the backing plate via hook-and-loop material. The reusable pad does a good job of applying the wax, and for this evaluation we used the company’s Pro Polish Wax, which is a polymer-based product that has no talc or fillers. Talc-free means no white powder to wrestle with when buffing off the product. Handling the buffer is comfortable, especially with the D-handle in place.

After the wax is applied to a workable area it’s buffed off to a professional looking shine using the Brite Bonnet Final Polish Pad. This pad is designed to fit over the waxing pad; a vapor barrier inside the polishing pad keeps the wet wax from seeping into the shaggy microfiber “fingers” that remove the excess wax as it buffs the surface to a shine. Stretching the bonnet over the pad takes some finesse and can get a little messy if too much wax is left on the waxing pad.

The Pro Polish Wax ($22.98 for 16 ounces) is formulated to repel water, protect against environmental factors and inhibit UV exposure. While the results are impressive following application, the test of time will prove the wax’s value. The Pro Polish Wax is designed for fiberglass, gelcoat, clear coat (full-body paint) and aluminum.

Included with the Dual Action Polisher in the standard kit are the backing plate, D-handle, side handle, extra carbon brushes (for the motor) and necessary tools for using the buffer. It sells for $150 but can be found on the Internet for less money. Replacement polishing bonnets are $11.98 and a waxing pad two-pack retails for $23.98.

No doubt this buffer beats the monotony of “Wax on, wax off.”

Shurhold, 800-962-6241, www.shurhold.com

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