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Prolonged Surface Protection

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

A new formula from Prolong Super Lubricants aims to protect and add shine to motorhomes, inside and out.

Prolong’s Super Protectant is an instant detailer that is said to be safe for leather, rubber and vinyl, adding shine and protecting surfaces from cracking in hot or cold weather conditions. The company claims its enhanced Super Protectant formula is water-resistant and blocks out the elements for a more durable shine and longer lasting protection. During regular preparation and maintenance routines, simply spray the product on the chosen surface and easily wipe away with a terry cloth towel.

A 17-ounce Super Protectant spray bottle is $8.99; a 1-gallon container is $45. Super Protectant is available at auto parts retailers or online.

Prolong Super Lubricants, 800-540-5823, www.prolong.com

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