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Bill and Jenn Gehr


RV Slideout Maintenance Simplified

  Optimize your motorhome’s slides with these easy maintenance tips! The RV slideout has revolutionized our expectations of living space and floorplan configurations. Today, the overwhelming majority of new motorhomes…

DIY Day-Night Shade Repair

Adjusting the cord retainers, and even complete restringing can keep the perfectly good fabric in use for a long time in your motorhome. During the last 20 years, day-night shades…
The installer tests the new color patterns against the original graphics.

Changing an RV’s Stripes

VIP Enterprises’ complete RV-graphic replacement breathes new life into timeworn vinyl decals The majority of RV owners take pride in the appearance of their rigs, and let’s admit it, most…
Gear, Top Stories

Better Travel Trailer Braking

  On fifth-wheels and travel trailers, upgrading from electric to Kodiak disc brakes shortens stopping distances dramatically It’s no secret that trailers and fifth-wheels are getting bigger. And with that…
DIY, Gear, Towing Tips

Taming the Mountains

  BD Diesel’s Variable Vane Exhaust Brake grants truck owners much more control when descending grades while towing a heavy trailer Pulling a 16,000-pound-plus trailer or fifth-wheel has its challenges,…

Up Close and Personal

  Taking time at the end of the travel season to check all the components in an RV can make or break future trips   Planning a post-summer evaluation of…

Under Pressure

  Doran’s new 360RV monitoring system keeps a critical eye on tire inflation while on the road   Once upon a time, you could look at a tire and tell…
DIY, Lifestyle

Keep Your Cool

  Replacing worn-out fabric on a Dometic manual awning is a good way to restore shade and aesthetics Ultraviolet rays from the sun have been bombarding the earth for millions…

Power Up

Converters are designed to provide 12-volt DC current and charge batteries — but not all are created equal Power converters fall into the category of “out of sight, out of…
DIY, Gear

Roof Air Leak Repair

  Water leakage around an air conditioner means it’s time to replace the gasket before damage occurs   Every year, after the first big rain of the season, it’s not…