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Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews

Clean Water for Your Motorhome

Drink Up! Water is the “lifeblood” of any motorhome; a sturdy dual-canister filtration system from Clear2O helps eliminate bad taste and obnoxious odors. People who live in stationary homes tend…
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Motorhome GPS Face-Off

Top RV-friendly models from Garmin and Rand McNally go head to head in a hands-on evaluation When GPS devices first became popular for automotive and RV travel they were little…
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Get Healthy: It’s SUP to You!

A stand-up paddleboard is a great way to get in shape while enjoying the outdoors We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15,” the unfortunate weight gain that sometimes accompanies living…
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Get the Sheen Back

  Treating a motorhome’s fiberglass exterior with Poli Glow removes oxidation and restores the surface to a shiny look Fiberglass exteriors on motorhomes have a number of advantages that go…
Gear Reviews, RV Living

RV Refrigerator Freezing Fix: The Thermistor

  Excessive ice buildup on the refrigerator’s cooling fins can be traced to a defective thermistor Have you ever noticed that a section, or even the entire surface, of the…
Gear Reviews

Hands On: Easy Expansion

  Let’s Go Aero’s collapsible shelter connects to the motorhome’s doors and provides protection from the elements Many of us would like to believe that we’re equipped and prepped for…
DIY, Gear Reviews

Pull More Behind Your Diesel Pusher with Banks Power

  The company’s PowerPack improves fuel economy and power on a Cummins diesel Many lower- and midpriced diesel motorhomes have just enough power to get where you’re going, but hitch…
Gear Reviews, New Gear

Cover Story

Streamline the process of installing a motorhome cover with these simple tips If it weren’t for pesky things like a budget, homeowner’s association rules, time and space, we would all…
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Hold Everything

  Before you take your next RV trip, make sure the black and gray tanks are properly treated There are so many things we love about the RVing lifestyle. Satisfying…
Gear Reviews, New Gear, Top Stories

Video Review: Quick Setup Canopy

  MotorHome’s Bob Dawson walks you through a video review of the Quick-Set Escape, a no-assembly, canopy/screen-room from Clam.