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Patty O’ Shade

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Dometic offers relief from the sun in a tidy package

Along with warm weather comes the enjoyment of being outdoors and hanging out with family and friends. But it may also come with the challenge of staying cool in hot afternoons without retreating into an air-conditioned motorhome.
When the motorhome awning is not ideally positioned for full shade, it may be necessary to get creative. Patty O’Shade to the rescue. Offered by Dometic, the refrigerator company that also offers everything from awnings to RV toilets, this product is an add-on enhancement for manually operated awnings.
IMG_3521-modGenerically known as a drop shade, the Patty O’Shade consists of a 54-inch-by-15-foot length of vinyl-coated polyester mesh that can be attached to the awning; it’s described by Dometic as capable of blocking more than 50 percent of the sun’s rays, and also is available in a 10-foot length.
At the top edge of the Patty O’Shade is a stitched-in cord that allows the shade to be fed into the awning’s utility slot. At the bottom are two grommets that can be attached by stretch cords to two stakes that secure the shade at a convenient angle for maximum shade and space under the awning.
While Patty O’Shade obviously is not a total sun block, it very noticeably cuts down on the sun’s heat while allowing visibility and air movement through the fabric, as well as air circulation between the lower edge of the shade and the ground. The shade also serves as a privacy screen during daytime hours.
It must be removed so the awning can be retracted, and removal is quick and easy by releasing the stretch cords and withdrawing the stitched edge from the awning slot. The shade can be folded to 12 by 15 by 6 inches for storage.
Patty O' Shade installPatty O’Shade is available in burgundy, blue, coffee and white, and is a valuable addition for those who like to hang out under the awning during the heat of the day. It’s available at Camping World for $97.77 (online price for members), as well as other RV supply stores.
Dometic | 800-544-4881 | www.dometic.com



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