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Motorhome How Tos

Quick Tips

MotorHome Quick Tips: See-through Storage

Storage in a motorhome is always an important subject, and having read different ideas in recent issues, I’d like to share my method. I use clear plastic tubs for storage.…
Quick Tips

MotorHome Quick Tips: Clever Clip

The bouncing of a motorhome while on the road often causes items like trousers to slip off their hangers. I was tired of having to pick up my clothes after…
Dinghy Towing, New To RVing, Top Stories

Safe Dinghy Braking

You can’t tow a Dinghy safely if you can’t stop it safely. Here’s the systems that can help you halt your motorhome and what’s behind it The ability to flat-tow…
Quick Tips

RV Tip: Make This Hand Made Towel Rack

Our 2012 Sunseeker has only a single towel ring in the bathroom. We have found that setup to be inadequate for long tours with two people, and we solved it…
Quick Tips

RV Tip: Use Pump Sprayer for Filling Batteries

For difficult-to-access batteries that require refilling the cells with distilled water, I use a 1-gallon pump sprayer (such as is used for weed killer). I can direct the nozzle into…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

RV Tech Savvy: Sun Damage

The strong Arizona and California sun has taken its toll on my 2012 Fleetwood Bounder. Two problems have developed: The side cameras have become clouded and hamper clear vision, and…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Solar Light Hack: Red Solo Cups

In the December 2016 issue, an RVer offered a great suggestion for using an upside down clay flowerpot to hold solar lights (Solar-Light Night). Since we have a Roadtrek 210…
Quick Tips

There’s the Remote!

I needed a solution on where to keep the remotes for our motorhome’s electronics. It needed to be handy, secure and accessible to all viewers. I finally hit on an…
Quick Tips

Vinyl Answer

On our way home after picking up our new motorhome, my wife and I experienced a blinding glare from a reflection of the sun off the horizontal portion of the…
Quick Tips

Have Some Funnel

Changing the oil on our Class A gas motorhome can be a hassle with the not-easy-to-reach oil inlet that is set back from the front of the coach. Using a…