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Odor Eater

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The most commonly accepted procedure to follow when preparing your refrigerator/freezer for storage is: A) Shut it off; B) Remove all contents; C) Clean thoroughly; D) Sprinkle baking soda to control odor; and E) Leave the doors open.

Steps A through C are fine, but the last two have their drawbacks. Leaving the doors open cancels the effectiveness of the baking soda, allows airborne pollutants inside the unit and exposes the door seals to contaminants that could shorten their lifespan. Plus, the doors must often be secured to prevent them from self-closing or striking nearby objects, and if they are blocked partially open, the hinge side of the door seals will be squeezed and might not expand again later on (depending upon climate conditions).

I found a better way using materials you likely already have at home. All that’s needed is a 1-foot-square piece of nonslip shelf liner, an aluminum pie pan (the ones frozen pie shells come in are fine), panty hose and plain cat litter (nonclumping and fragrance-free).

Pour 1 cup of cat litter into the sock end of the panty hose, cut off the open end and tie it shut. Place the litter-filled sock on the pie pan and place one in each fridge compartment on the nonslip liner (to prevent them from sliding about if you move your rig).

The compartment doors can remain closed until you are ready to use the refrigerator again. The best part: The interior will be clean, dry and odor-free, and the materials can be used repeatedly.

Edward Phillips | Greers Ferry, Arkansas


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