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No, Kitty! CPAP Fix For When the Cat Gets the Hose

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Like many RVers, I use a CPAP machine. And, also like many RVers, I travel with pets, currently a 4-year-old dog and a kitten. Apparently, the kitten became enamored with the hose on my CPAP machine and made tiny holes in a 4-inch-long section, making the hose unusable. Unable to get a replacement because I was traveling, I developed a method to temporarily fix the air leaks until I could get a new hose. First, I wrapped the damaged area in plastic wrap. Next, I covered the plastic wrap with vinyl electrical tape, making sure to extend the tape over the ends of the plastic wrap to get a good seal. The plastic wrap molds to the ribs of the hose, and the vinyl tape prevents air leakage.

Libby Miller | Proberta, California

Editor’s note: We need to stress this is only a temporary fix. Should your CPAP tubing get damaged, we recommend you replace it as soon as possible.


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