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Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Palate Palette

  Camping with a group and eating meals together usually involves post-meal group dishwashing, too. Like many campers, our cutlery is a mishmash of designs and it was difficult to…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Take the Edge Off

Our Heartland Bighorn fifth-wheel had a rough edge on the bed platform. I found that drywall J-channel trim fit the edge of the ½-inch oriented strand board (OSB) base perfectly. I…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Another Noodle Use

While driving, I noticed an annoying clanking sound in my Thor Quantum Class C. I discovered the new-style pull-down shades were banging against the window frame. This same sound would…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Ankle Saver

We have owned several types of RVs. The one thing I can say about Class A motorhomes is that the step-well inside is fine for getting in and out, but…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Drawer Lock

I was irritated by the kitchen drawers sliding open in my 2017 Winnebago View when making right turns. After one of the drawer guides finally broke, I came up with…
Quick Tips

Motorhome Quick Tip: Bug Off

When I worked as a walk-through technician at a large RV dealership, I was responsible for giving new RV owners their orientation. During this time, I learned a trick to…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: No-Trip Cables

My wife came up with this awesome solution to keep us from tripping over the satellite-dish cables to our RV. Slice a swim noodle partway through lengthwise and put the…
Quick Tips

Quick Tips: Kid Catcher

We found a solution to make the cabover sleeping area in our Class C much more child-friendly. We bought a 1-by-8-by-96-inch piece of poplar lumber. It sits between the cushions…
Quick Tips

Screen Time

While set up in camp, Class B and Class C motorhomes can often benefit from additional ventilation at times by rolling down the cab-door windows. The problem is, insects and…
10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Put the Clamps On

We do not have gas struts on the upper cabinet doors in our RV. It has always been a hassle to hold a door open while putting things inside or…