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Love Bug Eraser Sponge: Goodbye Bugs

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Summer brings the weather that makes us want to jump in the motorhome and head out on the open road. It also brings out all the bugs. Most motorhomes have flat windshields and large frontal areas that naturally collect copious amounts of squashed bugs. You know the routine: Get to camp; grab the bug remover and the necessary accouterments to clean off the mess. If you want to keep your coach looking good, this process is an everyday ritual. And unless you’re an entomologist, this is not fun.

The Love Bug Eraser fits easily on a washing pole.

The Love Bug Eraser fits easily on a washing pole.

Over the years, I’ve tried lots of bug remover products and protectants. Many do a decent job, but most require too much work. The Love Bug Eraser (Awesome Products Corp.) is an amazingly simple product that will change the way you tackle bug removal. What looks like a cross between a thin sponge and a scrubbing pad, the Love Bug Eraser is made from non-abrasive, space age fiber polymers and measures 6-by-9.5 inches. Not sure what “space” has to do with the design of the sponge, but it’s destined to allow owners to throw away most of the tools in their cleaning arsenal.

The people who manufacture this product are uniquely qualified in this segment of the car-cleaning field. They hail from Florida where bugs are the size of small birds. They market a product that removes bugs, road tar, brake dust and, of course, dirt from all vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass and plastic.

Geting those stuck on bugs is much easier with the sponge.

Geting those stuck on bugs is much easier with the sponge.

Using the Love Bug Eraser couldn’t be simpler. Just dip the sponge in a bucket of soapy water and clean away. It takes virtually no effort to remove anything in its path, and the sponge can be used over and over, even after it becomes soiled and frayed. While the company recommends using soap and water, I tested it on a motorhome that was covered with bugs using only water to verify the claim that no other chemicals are needed. It worked amazingly well, removing all the bugs in just a few minutes. There’s no need to bear down on the sponge while cleaning, especially if the surface is painted. It’s important to keep the sponge clean – you don’t want to get debris embedded into the fibers by dropping it on the ground.

The Love Bug Eraser sells for $4.99, but you can get three for $9.98. Reaching tall surfaces can be accomplished by using one of the company’s two flat holders, which will screw onto a threaded pole, if you prefer not to use a step stool or ladder. Plastic hook and loop material is used to stick the sponge to the holder. The larger holder has a curvature that conforms to rounded corners and flattens out by applying light pressure. The smaller one stays flat and can easily get into nooks and crannies. Various kits sell for $27.98 to $39.98. The sponge is available online or at Publix and Winn-Dixie stores under the Boss Sponge name. It’s made in the U.S.A.

Awesome Products Corp., 904-280-1499, www.lovebugeraser.com 

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