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Easiest Vehicles to Flat Tow

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Here are the Top 10 easiest dinghy vehicles for trouble-free recreational towing behind a motorhome

Getting ready to embark on a long motorhome journey requires a lot of preparation, from checking tire pressure and fluid levels to making sure you’ve got all the necessary tools and supplies. So, when it comes to your dinghy vehicle, you’d probably like something that doesn’t require more than a few steps to get ready for towing. With that in mind, following are the Top 10 easiest to tow dinghy vehicles for 2020, in alphabetical order. Remember, always verify with the owner’s manual — for the exact model you own — that your vehicle is manufacturer-approved to be dinghy towable before you prepare to hit the road.

2020 Chevrolet ColoradoChevrolet Colorado

A smallish 4WD truck is a great traveling companion. Colorado models that have a two-speed transfer case with a Neutral position and 4WD low setting require only that the negative battery cable be disconnected and the ignition placed in the Accessory position. Base weight: 4,167 pounds. Price range: $29,795–$47,595.

Chevrolet Spark

It doesn’t get any lighter, or easier, than the Spark. This cute commuter is ready to tow after you put the manual transmission in Neutral and disconnect the negative battery terminal. Base weight: 2,246 pounds. Price range: $14,095–$17,495.

Dodge Durango

A midsize SUV is a perfect fit for an adventurous family. The Durango AWD makes it easy to prepare for travel by placing the transmission in Park and the two-speed transfer case in Neutral. Base weight: 4,814 pounds. Price range: $33,045–$63,245.

Ford Edge STFord Edge ST

If you want high-performance and utility, look no further than the new Ford Edge ST. A 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 produces 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, while AWD provides sure-footedness on a variety of road conditions. Wanna tow it? Activate the manual park release (MPR), then allow the engine to run five minutes at the beginning of each day and every six hours thereafter. Base weight: 4,525 pounds. Price: $43,265.

Ford Escape Hybrid

There aren’t many towable hybrids, and only one towable hybrid SUV: this one. The process is pretty easy, too — just select the “Stay In Neutral” mode (refer to the owner’s manual for procedures). Then, start the engine and allow it to run for one minute at the beginning of each day and every six hours thereafter. Base weight: 3,554 pounds. Price: $28,255.

Ford F-150/250/350 4WD

The light-duty F-150 is on a continual path to improvement, and the F-Series Super Duty was recently revised for better looks and performance. Regardless of the model, just place the transfer case in Neutral to engage the four-wheel-down towing feature. The owner’s manual has all the details. Base weight: 4,343–6,112 pounds. Price range: $38,090–$90,530.

Jeep GladiatorJeep Gladiator/Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is a perennial favorite among RVers because it’s easy to tow and obviously very capable on virtually any navigable surface. The Gladiator pickup is based on the same platform, so it has that legendary Jeep off-road cred, plus a 6-foot cargo box. To tow either one, place the automatic transmission in Park, or the manual transmission in gear — then put the transfer case in Neutral and disconnect the negative battery cable. Base weight: 3,948–4,650 pounds. Price range: $29,790–$46,235.

Nissan 370Z

The legendary Z is not only the best towable sports car out there, it’s the only one. Before you tow, just put the manual transmission in Neutral, then start and idle the engine in Neutral for two minutes. If you’ve been thinking of buying one, do it this year — an all-new model is expected in 2021 and it may not be towable. Base weight: 3,333 pounds. Price range: $30,090–$45,790.

Nissan Versa S Sedan

At one time, the Nissan Versa was the cheapest new car you could buy, but it wasn’t winning any beauty contests. This year, that’s changed — the Versa S takes on the edgy styling of other Nissan products, yet still remains very affordable. It’s also super easy to tow — just put the manual transmission in Neutral, then start and idle the engine in Neutral for two minutes every 500 miles. Base weight: 2,599 pounds. Price: $14,730.

RAM 1500/2500/3500 4WD

Sleek styling and sumptuous interiors make RAM trucks a favorite among RVers. Whether you choose a light- or heavy-duty model, the dinghy towing procedure is the same: Place the automatic transmission in Park and the transfer case in Neutral. Done. Base weight: 4,994–6,402 pounds. Price range: $35,645–$69,140.

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