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Dinghy Vehicles

Dinghy Towing

The Advantages of Towing a Used Dinghy

Buying a used dinghy vehicle to tow behind your motorhome offers a number of benefits over flat-towing a new model. When shopping for a new dinghy vehicle, there’s something that…
Dinghy Towing

Easiest Vehicles to Flat Tow

Here are the Top 10 easiest dinghy vehicles for trouble-free recreational towing behind a motorhome Getting ready to embark on a long motorhome journey requires a lot of preparation, from…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

The Ultimate Dinghy Vehicle

Is it a Jeep? A Honda CR-V? Surprise! The ultimate dinghy towing vehicle is a pickup truck, and here’s why: Have you ever noticed how often you see pickups being…
Dinghy Towing, Top Stories

Our Favorite Dinghy Towables

SUVs and pickups dominate this year’s new flat-towable vehicles and, for the very first time ever, we pick our favorite dinghy towables! Quite apart from being towable, a new dinghy…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Family-Friendly Dinghy Vehicles

If you need room for five or more, these vehicles will accommodate your crew in style and comfort When one thinks about dinghy towing vehicles, it’s not hard to imagine…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Choosing a Dinghy Vehicle

A new towable is a big investment; make sure to perform your due diligence before signing on the dotted line Part and parcel to the motorhome lifestyle is bringing a…