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Dinghy Towing

Easiest Vehicles to Flat Tow

Here are the Top 10 easiest dinghy vehicles for trouble-free recreational towing behind a motorhome Getting ready to embark on a long motorhome journey requires a lot of preparation, from…
Dinghy Towing

Top 10 Dinghy Towing FAQs

The best expert advice on flat towing a dinghy vehicle behind your motorhome Many of us have towed something at one time or another, whether a small utility trailer, automotive…
Dinghy Towing

Make Your Own Dinghy Towing Checklist

Get ready for worry-free dinghy towing by creating your own preflight checklist. Pilots complete a preflight checklist before each takeoff to ensure that all equipment on the plane is working…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Family-Friendly Dinghy Vehicles

If you need room for five or more, these vehicles will accommodate your crew in style and comfort When one thinks about dinghy towing vehicles, it’s not hard to imagine…
Dinghy Towing

Safe Dinghy Towing: Getting It All In Line

The right equipment, proper hitching practices and regular inspection ensure safe dinghy towing We all like to think about RVing as a pleasant experience, one that creates memories that will…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Choosing a Dinghy Vehicle

A new towable is a big investment; make sure to perform your due diligence before signing on the dotted line Part and parcel to the motorhome lifestyle is bringing a…
Dinghy Towing, New Gear

Protective Custody

Preventing minor damage while towing is easy with these products Life on the road isn’t always easy, especially for your dinghy vehicle. As you ride several yards ahead in the…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Brake Time

Auxiliary braking systems provide safe and legal travel when towing a dinghy vehicle A dinghy vehicle towed behind a motorhome offers the freedom to travel and park easily when you…
Dinghy Towing

Dinghy Digest: Power Struggle

How to set up a dinghy vehicle’s electrical system for safe, trouble-free towing When you tow a vehicle behind a motorhome, you have to consider that you’re essentially treating the…
Dinghy Towing

2019 Dinghy Towing Guide Updates

Here are the most recent changes to MotorHome‘s 2019 Guide to Dinghy Towing. ADDITIONS Fiat 2019 500 with manual transmission may be flat towed at speeds up to 65 mph, for…