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Places to Go & Things to Do

RVing in California Wine Country

What’s more rewarding after a long day of driving than sipping a crisp and bright, perfectly chilled glass of wine at the campground? Well, if you’re like me, you’d like…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Road tripping along the Florida Gulf Coast

As the saying goes, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. So, our lesser journey of a few hundred miles began from the St. Marks Lighthouse southward…
Places to Go & Things to Do

RVing in Greater Portland, Oregon

During our motorhome trip through Oregon, my husband, Jim, and I lingered to explore historical sites and beautiful landscapes, and we also experienced one of my all-time favorite RV parks,…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Road Tripping Florida’s Northern Gulf Coast Beaches

Traveling on Interstate 10 from Arizona to Florida, following the heavy truck traffic to the point of white-line fever across the bottom of the country through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Heading South For the Winter: A Snowbird RV Itinerary

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning in Eunice, Louisiana, and we’re milling around with a few dozen people, mostly local folks, snacking on boudin (a spicy Cajun sausage) and…
Places to Go & Things to Do

A Montana Road Trip Across the Warrior Trail

It’s a consummate shortcut. Seasoned travelers heading to Montana from the upper Midwest often find themselves steaming westward across South Dakota on Interstate 90. The thoroughfare winds through Wyoming before…
Family Travel & Pets

How to Road Trip with Grandkids

Each September, we leave our home on the East Coast and head out in our motorhome for months of RV travel. Last year, we changed our plans so we could…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Canadian Rockies RV Trip

The Canadian Rockies are a breathtaking must-see destination, and the wonderful thing for RVers is that four national parks in Alberta and British Columbia lie adjacent to each other, packed…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Roadtripping the Fundy Coastal Drive Canada

For an exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, pack the motorhome and join the 2017 yearlong celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation. This nationwide grand occasion will feature free admission to all of…
Places to Go & Things to Do

Roadtripping Route 97

The Alaska Highway in California? That’s what an old flyer at California’s Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum claimed. “It marks the beginning of the Alaska Highway,” read the leaflet, with…