Winnebago RVs Get Awesome Upgrades to Support National Parks

Special Edition Versions of Three Models Receive New Features to Support the National Park Foundation

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Winnebago

Winnebago’s new National Park Foundation Series gives some of its best-selling models impressive new features while helping protect America’s public lands at the same time. Limited edition versions of the Solis camper van and Class A Vista and Sunstar models get exclusive upgrades that enhance their comfort and capabilities, with proceeds directly supporting the NPF.

Winnebago National Parks Foundation

Photo Credit: Winnebago

Among the new features for the Vista NPF and Sunstar NPF editions is an upgraded solar energy system capable of generating up to three times more electricity than the standard models. When paired with a new Lithionics 320 amp-hour house battery pack, the system provides more off-grid power at the campsite. And because solar energy is clean and renewable, it is better for the environment too.

Winnebago National Parks Foundation

Photo Credit: Winnebago

Other additions to the Vista and Sunstar include a 300-square-foot batwing awning that extends the outdoor living space. Meanwhile, a factory-installed SumoSprings suspension improves comfort and handling under a variety of road conditions. Both models also come with national-park-inspired paint and interior decor.

Winnebago National Parks Foundation

Photo Credit: Winnebago

The Class B Solis NPF also receives an upgraded suspension courtesy of SumoSprings, which goes nicely with its new all-terrain tires and performance wheels. A SmartSpace Overland Drawer System brings convenient and accessible storage to the rear of the vehicle and transforms into an outdoor table or meal-prep station when needed. Finally, the special edition model also gets a custom insulated floor and window coverings to help keep the interior space warmer and more comfortable during cooler weather.

Winnebago National Parks Foundation

Photo Credit: Winnebago

Sales of the special edition Solis, Vista, and Sunstar support the mission of the National Park Foundation. For over 50 years, the nonprofit organization has served as a liaison between the National Park Service and important private partners dedicated to protecting America’s most wild and beautiful places.

To learn more about the Solis NPF, Vista NPF, and Sunstar NPF, visit the Winnebago website.

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