Truma to Make Thor Class B RVs Cozier on Winter Outings

The Truma Combi Furnace/Water Heater Combo is Now Standard on Class B Models

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Thor Motor Coaches

RV equipment manufacturer Truma has announced that its Combi all-in-one heating and hot water solutions will now come standard on several Class B camper vans from Thor Motor Coach. The Combi was specifically selected for its multipurpose capabilities, efficient performance, and compact design.

In a press release announcing the partnership, Truma Technical Sales Representative Bob Yessa says, “With both a furnace and water heater contained in one product, the Truma Combi is not only the most efficient and reliable system on the market, but it also allows our partners to rethink what is possible in their floor plans.“

According to that same press release, the Truma Combi will now come standard on Thor’s Sequence, Tellaro, Sanctuary, and Tranquility models, as well as the Rize 18M and Scope 18M vehicles. These Class B camper vans benefit the most from Truma’s space-saving unit, which can create a cozy interior and provide hot water for a shower or kitchenette sink.

Truma Combi

Image Courtesy of Truma

“We are now seeing motorized RVs becoming a more popular mode of travel all year long, rather than two or three times in the Summer,” says Truma North America CEO Gerhard Hundsberger. “These vehicles are opening up a wide array of possibilities for their owners only limited by their imaginations.”

The Combi comes with a fast-heating 10-liter water tank, which functions independently of the furnace. The unit features four air outlets that can quickly and efficiently heat the interior space of a Class B camper van or small travel trailer while consuming very little power and generating almost no noise. The device can operate on propane, electric, or a mixture of both and can produce as much as 14,300 BTUs of heat.

For more information on the Truma Combi, visit the Truma homepage.

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