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  7. Video: Redtail Overland’s Skyloft Van is a $530k Wonder

Video: Redtail Overland’s Skyloft Van is a $530k Wonder

The well-equipped Class B model is beautiful but pricey.

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Redtail Overland

When we shared our round-up of the most luxurious RVs of 2024 a few weeks back, we didn’t put a single Class B model on the list. But that was before we saw the Skyloft Van from Redtail Overland, a Boulder, CO-based company that builds bespoke camper vans. But after watching the video above, we may have to reconsider that decision, as this model is impressive in every way—including its eye-popping price tag.

Built on the Mercedes Sprinter platform, the Skyloft Van comes with all-terrain tires, reinforced suspension, front and rear winches, skid plates, and a custom front bumper. It has also been outfitted with off-road lighting, ample fuel and water tanks, 330W solar panels, and 14kWh lithium house batteries to enable off-grid expedition-style travel. It even has a built-in bike rack and a heated gear garage with space for skis, paddleboards, and other outdoor equipment.

Redtail Overland Skyloft van

Photo Credit: Redtail Overland

Inside, you’ll find a host of luxurious amenities, including heated floors, custom-built cabinets, a modern-looking wet bath, and a surprisingly large U-shaped lounge that converts to a secondary sleeping space. A galley kitchen comes with a spacious refrigerator/freezer, atmospheric LED lighting, and plenty of storage. A folding table in the front and swiveling cab seats create a flexible workspace or additional dining area.

The van’s signature feature is the Skyloft Penthouse, a climate-controlled pop up roof space that expands the sleeping capacity to four adults. This area serves as the primary bedroom and uses a lightweight carbon fiber shell to create a comfortable loft with large double-pane windows, heat and A/C on a dedicated thermostat, a luxe mattress, and USB and 110V outlets for charging.

Redtail Overland Skyloft van

Photo Credit: Redtail Overland

All of these descriptions don’t do justice to the fantastic design and high-quality materials used in the Skyloft Van’s construction. You’ll want to watch the video to get the full tour of this enticing van. But be warned, after you’ve seen it, all other Class B models will likely pale in comparison. But before you reach out to Redtail Overland to order one for yourself, be aware that this custom model carries a price tag of $530,000, putting it in the realm of high-end Class A and Class C RVs.

That said, the Skyloft Van has certainly shot up our list of aspirational vehicles we’d love to have in our garage. It has everything you could ask for in a rugged, off-road RV, with all of the comforts and amenities you’d want in a luxury model. Now, if we can only find a way to pay for it.

Learn more about the Skyloft Van at redtailoverland.com.

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