Ride Out the Apocalypse in Mammoth Overland’s Burly New Off-Road Trailer

Even an Extinction Level Event Won't Keep You From Camping in This Tough Towable

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Mammoth Overland

Listen up, boondockers, overlanders, or anyone who wants to survive the zombie apocalypse; we have just the RV for you. Off-road trailer manufacturer Mammoth Overland has unveiled a rugged new towable designed for use in the harshest conditions imaginable. The new trailer takes safety and security to the next level, incorporating a slew of features that make it an excellent basecamp for any adventure—including a few end-of-the-world scenarios.

Mammoth Overland ELE

Photo Credit: Mammoth Overland

The latest edition to the Mammoth Overland lineup is the ELE, which is pronounced “Ellie” and is short for Extinction Level Event. This trailer takes durability and comfort to the next level, incorporating a set of features that simply can’t be found on any other RV. Those include a double-walled outer shell made from aerospace-grade aluminum and insulated with high-density foam, making the towable perfect for all-season camping. The vehicle also has steel armor installed on the front, along with underbody skid-plating that protects the towable when traveling off-road.

But that is just the start of what makes the ELE so unique and interesting. The off-road trailer also comes with a built-in defense system that releases bear spray in a 25- by 10-foot area around the camper. The interior space is kept safe from the noxious cloud thanks to a fully-sealed cabin that uses submarine-style pressurized doors. A medical-grade air filtration system provides up to six months of purified air, as well, keeping any number of airborne threats at bay. It even comes with a lockable gun safe for storing firearms, and potential owners can add optional Level 3 bullet-proofing too.

Mammoth Overland ELE

Photo Credit: Mammoth Overland

“People ask me all the time if our trailers are bear-proof — and they are, technically. That got me thinking: ‘What if we made a trailer that’s truly bear- as well as apocalypse-proof?'” said Mammoth Overland President Scott Taylor in a press release. “We designed ELE to aircraft standards. It can handle whatever campers might encounter, from bears to wildfires to social unrest, so overlanders can explore fearlessly.”

Mammoth Overland describes the ELE as a “safe room on wheels,” and it is difficult to argue against that description. To help keep its occupants safe, the trailer has an integrated surveillance system complete with a launchpad for a drone. A video feed and night vision cameras stream exterior views to keep tabs on any potential threats.

Mammoth Overland ELE

Photo Credit: Mammoth Overland

But the trailer isn’t without its comforts, either. Standard features include air conditioning, a dual-band radio communications system, a 32″ smart TV, and Starlink internet. A 100Ah Renogy electrical system includes dual 100W solar panels and provides power for up to 20 hours. A gas-powered generator provides additional energy when needed. The vehicle comes with a swingout kitchen that includes a sink and a small stove. The 22-gallon onboard freshwater tank even has a built-in filtering system that can clean its contents in under ten minutes.

A fully-equipped ELE trailer starts at $67,000, with the Level 3 bullet-proofing option adding $25,000 to the price tag. The towable will ship to customers beginning in the fourth quarter of 2023. Mammoth Overland says that only a limited number of this model will be built, so interested buyers should reserve one as soon as possible.

For more information, visit the Mammoth Overland website.

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