Australian Overlanding Electronics Company REDARC Invests in Future Growth

Part of a Partnership the Company has with Australia’s Government

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REDARC, an Australian overlanding electronics company, announced in late February that it will continue its factory modernization plans. The company will enact the plans through an investment in new “Industry 4.0” technology – a term they created to represent the next leap in technological prowess and competitiveness. REDARC will also get support for their plans from a partnership with the Australian Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center (AMGC).




The company will utilize a co-funded investment of more than $800,000 to extend its smart factory and skill capabilities across its in-house and supplier operations. This initiative will create up to 35 new roles.

This growth is vital to the company due to its high allocation of resources and investments to research and development. In fact, during its 40-year history, the company has developed more than 600 product lines exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South Korea, and South Africa.

“In that context, we need to have a nimble, agile and value-driven manufacturing base to be able to sustain that type of business and respond quickly to customer needs,” explains Andrew Rogers, Manufacturing Engineering Manager for REDARC, adding, “It’s important that we bring our suppliers along in the process, as we prefer to control our quality and supply chain by making sure all parts of this chain work together.”

The project will further develop REDARC’s workforce, technology adoption, and business processes through collaboration with key supply chain partners and expert local service providers. And, they have proposed five complementary activities:

  1. Predictive alerts: Interactive and automated statistical process controls
  2. Quality alerts: Real-time production cell digital assistance
  3. Design and validation of future production cells using Augmented Reality
  4. Capability audit: Industry 4.0 maturity re-assessment
  5. Training: Development and delivery of Industry 4.0 staff and supply chain training modules hosted

Learn more about REDARC and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center.


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