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  7. Small Camper Review: Vorsheer XOC
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  7. Small Camper Review: Vorsheer XOC

Small Camper Review: Vorsheer XOC

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It’s no surprise Utah is fast becoming one of the hotbeds of off-road trailer building with all the off-grid camping opportunities throughout the state and surrounding region. Vorsheer knows that area and market quite well. Formed by a group of enterprising and talented fabricators and craftsmen who were manufacturing tiny trailers for others, the company has begun production of its own off-road-adventure trailer called the Vorsheer XOC, for eXtreme Overland Camper.


Vorsheer’s flagship trailer is offered in three trim levels: Tier 1, 2 and 3, with the latter being the fully loaded model highlighted here.


The Vorsheer XOC is a good example of high-clearance expedition-style off-road trailers designed to be towed behind Jeeps, SUVs and pickups that have tow ratings between 4,000 and 5,000 pounds. The XOC comes in three trim levels (Tier 1, 2 and 3) to fit a wide range of budgets and needs.


The Tier 3 XOC provides all the conveniences to be comfortable on multiday off-grid camping excursions including an 8-inch-thick queen mattress, 30-gallon on-demand hot-water system, external shower, audio system and thermostat-controlled LP-gas cabin heater. Air conditioning is an available upgrade. Lighting is LED, and the trailer is set up for both battery and shorepower, with dual deep-cycle batteries part of the Tier 3 package. Multiple plug-ins for USB and 120-volt AC are also standard.


The laptop tray hidden on a slide-out under the overhead stereo cubby is 11 inches in length by 10½ inches in width. Above the laptop tray are two electrical outlets and the voltmeter to keep an eye on the dual batteries that provide off-grid electric power.

Galley & Storage


The top-tier XOC includes a fridge-freezer on a heavy-duty slide-out. The hatch is well-sealed to prevent dust and water from intruding into the galley area. A full-size 31-inch all-terrain spare tire attaches to the swing-out rack, and the rack securely mounts into the trailer hitch in travel mode so it never touches the trailer body.

Meals are prepped and cooked using the street-side galley slide-out at the rear of the XOC. It­ features a two-burner stove that slides out from beneath the cabinet holding the stainless-steel sink. The countertop runs the full width of the trailer, providing an abundance of work space. Above it are four hardwood cabinets, and below on the curb side is another slide-out for a big fridge-freezer that’s part of the Tier 3 package. Overhead, built into the robust rear hatch, are LED lights and speakers for the sound system.


The double slide-out for the galley holds the two-burner LP-gas stove and stainless-steel sink. The sink on the Tier 3 XOC is tied into a 30-gallon freshwater system and on-demand hot-water heater.

Living Area

The Vorsheer XOC body is built from aluminum and hardwood using the newest technologies found in the marine and RV industries to maximize weather resistance. Two windowed side doors make it easy to get in and out. Inside, the 15-foot trailer is finished in handcrafted solid Baltic birch attached to the laser-cut, CNC-bent, TIG-welded aluminum frame. Fitment of all the trailer’s cabinets, windows and doors is uniform and smooth. Vorsheer even includes a convenient laptop slide-out tray built in under the stereo.


The interior shows the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail Vorsheer puts into its flagship trailer. Wood used in the construction is solid birch, not a veneer, and slide-out rails are heavy duty.


Notable Equipment & Features

The XOC is designed to be used off pavement. It has 31-inch off-road tires and an impressive 23 inches of free ground clearance. The steel frame’s side rails are angled inward “to be more forgiving of obstacles,” according to Vorsheer’s David Rodriguez. Another special aspect is all of the steel and aluminum components are sandblasted and powder-coated to maximize corrosion resistance. Vorsheer partners with rooftop-tent maker 23Zero, so it’s easy to have the XOC set up with a tent system for additional sleeping accommodations.

Exterior Storage Space

The XOC has a lot of storage for a tiny trailer if you opt for the Tier 2 or top-end Tier 3 model.  The latter has two powder-coated-aluminum external storage lockers sitting on the front, supplementing the interior and exterior cabinets. There’s also storage for jerricans in the special holder at the back of the curb-side fender, while the LP-gas cylinder is secured at the rear of the trailer’s street-side fender. Up top is a sturdy cargo rack, accessible via a safari-type ladder, capable of supporting the largest of rooftop tents or an abundance of supplies and gear.


Every XOC is equipped with an abundance of LED lights so it’s easy to move about on dark nights far from city lights.

Manufacturer’s Specs

Vorsheer XOC Tier 3
Exterior Length: 15′
Exterior Width: 7′ 6″
Exterior Height: 7′
Freshwater Cap.: 30 gal.
Black-Water Cap.: NA
Gray-Water Cap.: NA
LP-Gas Cap.: 7 gal.
UVW: 2,600 lbs.
Hitch Weight: 200 lbs.
GVWR: 5,200 lbs.
MSRP, Base: $19,999 (Tier 1)
MSRP, As Shown: $37,999 (Tier 3)

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