Lippert Announces New Chassis Powder Coating Technology

'Road Defense' Treatment Offers Better Protection From the Elements

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Lippert Components

Lippert Components has introduced a new chassis powder coating formula that it says is a significant upgrade to all of its previous offerings. The new technology is called “Road Defense” and results from a collaboration with the coating experts at AkzoNobel. The next-generation coating promises to provide enhanced protection from the elements for all of Lippert’s OEM customers.

Lippert says that Road Defense offers a more uniform density when applied. This gives the chassis a sleeker look and improves strength and durability. The upgraded powder coating reportedly provides better resistance to corrosion, weathering, fading, and humidity too.

In addition to its sleek texture, Lippert says there are several other features that set Road Defense apart from previous powder coatings. For instance, the company claims that it is twice as resistant to chipping and cracking, three times more resilient when dealing with salt spray, and five times less likely to show weathering. The new coating process is also three times heavier, which increases overall durability, and four times more uniform in its coverage for enhanced performance and protection.

“It’s exciting to take this step forward, improving our chassis with a high-quality coating that not only performs better in every way but looks great, too,” Lippert Regional Operations Manager Matt Moreland says in a press release announcing Road Defense. “It’s just one more step in making the RV experience better.”

Lippert RV chassis using the Road Defense powder coating will initially be manufactured at the company’s Indiana-based locations. Production will begin early in the first quarter of 2022.

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