Hit the Road Like a FitRVer

I turned fifty last month! It is so strange writing that number—fifty. I guess I’m still getting used to it. I spent 2020 not only…
Stefany and James Adinaro working out together

Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine

The Eastern practice of yoga has made its way West in a big way. Today the ancient Indian exercise is popular across America. People from all walks of life partake…
Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine

15 Exercises to Keep You Fit on the Road

I love everything about traveling in a motorhome except for the long hours sitting while we drive from point A to point B. Even when I…

Stay Fit with SUP Exercise

We’ve all heard of the “Freshman 15,” the unfortunate weight gain that sometimes accompanies living out of college dorm refrigerators and eating cafeteria food. But…

The Best Self-Propelled Personal Watercraft

In Mark Twain’s colossal classic of American literature, Huck Finn uses a canoe to escape on the Mississippi River from his drunken, abusive father. The…

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