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Outdoor workout
Places to Go & Things to Do

Spring is Here: Try This Workout Outdoors

We may still have a cold day or two ahead of us this spring, the brunt of winter is behind us. That means we can slowly emerge from hibernation and…
Using Smart Devices for fitness
Life on the Road

Heart Rate Monitors and Tech to Keep You Fit on the Road

As a dedicated adventurer, your RV camping trips are likely packed with tons of outdoor fun. While you’re out hiking, paddling, or biking through some of the country’s incredible parks,…
All Trails Screenshot
Life on the Road

Fitness Apps Perfect for Use on the Road

Sometimes when we travel our exercise routines go out the window. Airports, lines, and unsatisfying fast-food meals weigh down any mental motivation to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Don’t let your…
Low-impact workout with Steph of The Fit RV
Life on the Road

Low-Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners

Low-impact cardio workouts are great for people of all ages and fitness levels, but they’re also fantastic for seniors and beginners. Doing low-impact workouts are all about movement, getting your blood pumping, and getting your heart…
Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine
Life on the Road

Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine

The Eastern practice of yoga has made its way West in a big way. Today the ancient Indian exercise is popular across America. People from all walks of life partake in the mental and physical…
fitrv resistance band workout
Life on the Road

Quick Resistance Bands Full Body Workout for RV’ers

Keeping a healthy exercise routine while living or traveling on the road can be a challenge. Long driving days can put a cramp in an active lifestyle. But FitRV proves you only need…