You Can Now Use AI to Plan an RV Camping Trip

Artificial Intelligence is Suddenly Everywhere, Including at the Campsite

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If you’ve been following tech news for the past six months, you’re probably aware that artificial intelligence (AI) is suddenly everywhere. From major search engines like Google and Bing to office apps and photo editing software, everything is getting smarter, more creative, and easier to use thanks to AI. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before this technology found its way into the RV space.

A few weeks back, a website called AdventureGenie launched an AI-powered online tool to help RVers plan their camping trips. The travel-planning software can reportedly create complete itineraries using information about travelers, their companions, and their interests. After answering a few questions about where they want to go and what they like to do, the system can generate a detailed guide for the entire journey, including recommended campgrounds to stay at and activities to enjoy along the way.

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The AdventureGenie AI has access to a database of over 25,000 public and private campgrounds located across the country. The software uses a unique set of algorithms to comb through all that data to create a customized itinerary for users. That itinerary includes “GenieSummaries” of the campgrounds that fall along the route and assigns them a “GenieScore” that indicates how they stack up against one another. The AI even provides a “GenieMatch” rating which shows how well a particular campground matches the user’s interests and needs.

“We answer the three key questions on campers’ and RVers’ minds: What to do? How to get there? Where to stay?,” says AdventureGenie CEO Scott Lengel in a press release. “Our adaptable route planning tool creates customized routes, recommends AI-generated GenieStops along the way, and is fully integrated with our campground database and our GenieTrips.”

Lengel—a former Microsoft senior tech executive—founded AdventureGenie with investor David Greenberg, an experienced CEO of multiple tech startups. The two execs applied cutting-edge AI technology to help sort through their massive database of campgrounds, driving routes, and activities to create a tool that eliminates the need to use multiple websites, apps, and other resources.

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“AdventureGenie is the answer to the most vexing question my wife and I encountered while planning RV vacations: Can’t there be a one-stop-shop for RVers and campers to plan the trip of their dreams? The answer is an emphatic, YES,” says AdventureGenie Chairman Greenberg in the same press release.

The AI-driven trip planner is up and running now on the AdventureGenie website. A subscription is required to use the service, which can create, organize, and save multiple itineraries for future reference.

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