This RV Reality Show Sends Contestants into the Wild

"RV Unplugged" Pits Teams of RVers Against Each Other in a Battle of Wits and Determination

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Reality TV has been a popular genre of entertainment for years, with shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother garnering large audiences. Those three shows were all ratings hits thanks to a format that pitted contestants against one another in a variety of physical and mental challenges. Now, a new reality competition hopes to find similar success, this time testing the skills, determination, and resourcefulness of RVers.

Season 1 of RV Unplugged will start streaming on YouTube on March 11. The show features 15 individuals that, for various reasons, are fully immersed in the RV lifestyle. Those teams will face off against one another in a series of elimination challenges that will eventually crown the show’s ultimate winner, who will walk away with $10,000 cash.

Based on the teaser trailer for the show, it looks like the RVers will be put to the test in a number of different ways. Some of the events shown in the clip include zip lining over an open valley, shooting it out in a paintball fight, driving go-karts, and diving into a deep lake to find hidden clues. Along the way, they’ll also have to demonstrate their outdoor skills by building a fire, navigating through the wilderness, and staying organized and focused on the competition.

RV Unplugged

Photo Credit: RV Unplugged

To help viewers get to know the teams prior to the start of the show, the RV Unplugged producers are releasing profile videos each day starting on March 3. Those clips will provide background information for each couple, sharing their stories and offering a peek into their RV lifestyle. The last of the videos will release on March 10—the day before episode 1 makes its debut.

RV Unplugged is sponsored by the National RV Training Academy, along with RV manufacturers Alliance, Grand Design, and Jayco. RV Mattress and Dometic are also supporters of the show.

If you’re interested in following along with this intriguing, RV-centric reality program, you can find out more on the show’s official website. You’ll also want to subscribe to the RV Unplugged YouTube channel so you won’t miss a single episode.

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