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What It’s Like to Visit Devils Tower

A Quick Look at This Amazing National Monument

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Crazy Family Adventure has traveled all over the country at this point, seeing all of the big hot spots and tons of places in between. In the video above, the family takes a visit to the beautiful Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.  

Devils Tower is a butte made of igneous rock in the Bear Lodge Ranger District of the Black Hills. It stands apart from the rest of the surrounding area jutting up into the sky a full 1,267 feet high. It’s a true sight to see and it has been a must-see destination in the American West for all RVers, campers, and outdoor lovers.  

A small portion of the tower’s visitors choose to climb the tower, and it has been a popular spot for climbers for decades. Crazy Family Adventure doesn’t climb the tower, but they do check it out and take a look at all of the areas around the national monument.  

The family takes a short hiking route around the tower and then heads up to the scenic view to really take in this amazing natural wonder. Unfortunately, they visited on a hazy day, so they didn’t stay to see the stars, which are supposed to be one of the main draws of this unique place.   

After their visit, they decided to spend the night doing a movie night (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) on a projector outside of their Montana High Country fifth-wheel 

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