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Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine

With Options for Seniors

Image Caption: Stef takes you through a fantastic Yoga routine.

The Eastern practice of yoga has made its way West in a big way. Today the ancient Indian exercise is popular across America. People from all walks of life partake in the mental and physical practice of yoga, enjoying the benefits of a healthier mind and body.

The word “yoga,” translates from the classical South-Asian language of Sanscrit to mean “to join,” or unite. True to its name, the physical practice of yoga unites mind and body with movements that combine breath, spoken mantras, and focused meditation.

If all of that sounds a little overwhelming, try not to be intimidated. Yoga is an approachable form of movement and accessible to everyone, no matter your flexibility, activity level, or experience with meditation.

Stef, from Fit RV, practices yoga on the road while traveling in her RV. Yoga is an excellent practice to keep fit on the road, as it can be done anywhere you can roll out a yoga mat. Yoga lends itself well to an outdoor practice in nature. As you breathe deeply and quiet the mind, relax to the sounds and scents of the great outdoors. Note the calls of the birds or the rustle of the wind tickling the leaves of the trees.

Stef’s Standing Yoga Practice is the perfect complement to the end of a hike as it stretches out the muscles and slows the breath. You can also try her 8 pose sequence after a day of driving to get the joints moving. Standing yoga poses work the balance while engaging multi-directional movement. For a gentler practice, or for those needing extra balance and stability assistance, Stef provides easy visual modifications using a fence, countertop, or any stable surface to hold on to.

Unlike high-intensity workouts or strength training, a mindful yoga practice leaves you feeling energized rather than sore and exhausted. Stef’s Standing Yoga Routine is ideal for beginners, but still beneficial for active types looking for a quick and relaxing way to cool down and stretch.

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