Quick Resistance Bands Full Body Workout for RV’ers

Staying Fit on the Road

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Keeping a healthy exercise routine while living or traveling on the road can be a challenge. Long driving days can put a cramp in an active lifestyle.

But FitRV proves you only need 20 minutes and a flat surface to get a full-body workout. With just a few pieces of fitness gear, staying fit while traveling in an RV is not only doable but also fun too.

Stef of FitRV uses resistance bands in this 18-minute workout to tone the muscles and challenge the balance. Make this workout more challenging by upping your resistance, or even adding free weights. Use no resistance band for a gentler workout that gets the blood flowing and lubricates the joints.

Try this workout outside at your campsite on flat, level ground. On rainy days, this workout can even be taken indoors if your RV has enough space to move freely. Turn on your favorite tunes and follow along.

Don’t forget to enjoy the view while you work up a sweat, whether you’re camping in the mountains, at the beach, or by the lake. Exercising outdoors is one of the perks of RV travel. When compared to air travel or cruise travel, RV travel is the most enjoyable way to explore and stay fit—no crowded gyms, no stuffy airports. RV travel provides you with your own private space to exercise, and plenty of access to fresh air and the great outdoors.

With a little creativity, planning, and basic fitness gear, RV’ing is the perfect complement to an active lifestyle.

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