Add This Morning Workout to Your RV or Camping Routine

Stef Adinaro of TheFitRV walks through a simple, 25-minute workout - easy enough for beginners, that will relax you while giving your day the jumpstart it needs.

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Stefany Adinaro of The FitRV walks through a gentle, feel-good, 25-minute workout – a perfect jumpstart to for anyone enjoying the RV lifestyle. This morning workout is gentle enough for beginners, seniors, and people who are flexibility-challenged. The routine focuses on overall body and muscle health, from the head to the toe, with simple poses and stretches. Stef designed the workout to aid in lowering stress levels, inducing relaxation and calm.

For seniors, these exercises can also help protect your muscles from injury, especially if you are waking up with pain or discomfort that wasn’t there the prior day. By stretching in the morning, you can relieve this pain by reducing the tension on your spine or any stiffness you are experiencing in your neck. So, make sure to add this morning workout to your routine next time your’e on the road.


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Stefany Adinaro and her husband, James, are avid RVers, crisscrossing the country while documenting their travel experiences and how to lead an active, healthy lifestyle on the road through their blog and website: The FitRV. Stef has a background as a personal trainer and wellness coach. She now is exclusively traveling as an online coach, specializing in exercises for beginners and seniors.

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