Get the Most Out of Your RV Travels—and Support Local Businesses—with Harvest Hosts

Membership Provides Access to Overnight Camping at more than 4450 Farms, Wineries, Breweries, and Other Attractions Across North America

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Since its founding in 2010, Harvest Hosts has provided RVers access to some of North America’s most unique and memorable camping experiences. The company’s membership program specializes in connecting travelers with local farms, wineries, museums, and other attractions, allowing them to stay on-site where they can create memories that last a lifetime. Additionally, these pairings allow visitors to support small businesses in the places they visit, bringing much-needed revenue to communities across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

This approach has been a successful one for Harvest Hosts members and the more than 4,500 participating small businesses alike. RVers are given the opportunity to discover off-the-beaten-path destinations and hidden-gem experiences they may have otherwise missed. Meanwhile, local businesses receive an influx of eager visitors who are more engaged with their services that include an overnight stay in a fantastic setting.

Just how successful has the Harvest Hosts program been? According to a recent study by the company, members have generated more than $100 million in revenue for the small businesses that participate. This not only boosts sales for those locations but also helps the surrounding community as a whole.

Harvest Hosts

Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts

To help new and existing members get the most out of their Harvest Hosts experience, the company has shared a set of guidelines on how to use the service. Those guidelines include:

  1. Sign up: Visit the Harvest Hosts website and sign up for a membership. They offer different membership options, including multiple plan options, providing flexibility to suit your travel needs.
  2. Explore the Hosts: Once you have your membership, take the time to explore the extensive list of small business Hosts available. Harvest Hosts partners with a diverse range of businesses, such as wineries, farms, breweries, museums, and more. Each listing provides details about the Host’s location, amenities, and the experiences they offer.
  3. Plan your trips: With the Hosts at your fingertips, plan your RV trips accordingly. Consider the regions you wish to explore, the type of experiences you’re seeking, and the availability of Hosts in those areas. Harvest Hosts makes it easy to filter and search for Hosts based on location, making the planning process convenient and efficient.
  4. Contact the Hosts: Once you’ve identified the Hosts you’re interested in visiting, use the “request a stay” button to book. This allows you to inquire about their availability for overnight parking and any specific requirements they may have. Some Hosts may have limited spaces or seasonal availability, so securing your spot in advance is best.
  5. Respect the guidelines: When staying at a Harvest Hosts location, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines and rules set by the Host. This ensures a positive experience for both you and the business. Respect their property, adhere to any quiet hours, and be mindful of any specific instructions or limitations they provide.
  6. Show your support: One of the main objectives of Harvest Hosts is to support small businesses. While staying at a Host location, please take the opportunity to engage with the business by purchasing their products or services. Whether it’s enjoying a wine tasting, buying fresh produce, or supporting their on-site offerings, your support contributes directly to the success and sustainability of these local establishments.
  7. Share your experiences: As you embark on your Harvest Hosts adventures, share your experiences with the community. Whether through social media posts, in-app reviews, or word-of-mouth recommendations, your feedback and stories help promote the program and support the Hosts you’ve visited.
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Photo Credit: Harvest Hosts

The Harvest Hosts approach to RV travel is about providing unique experiences for members and having a meaningful and positive impact on the communities they visit. By fostering relationships between RVers and small businesses, the Harvest Hosts community can make a difference while celebrating the spirit of adventure, entrepreneurship, and sustainable travel all at the same time.

Get started on your adventure by joining Harvest Hosts today!

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