10 RV-Focused Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Learn More about RVing and the People Who Make This Lifestyle so Special with these Amazing Shows

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One of the best things about podcasts is that you can usually find a show dedicated to just about any topic. Whether you’re into baseball, travel, cross stitching, or obscure American authors, chances are, someone is producing a show about it. That goes for RVing as well, which has seen an explosion in podcasts over the past few years.

These shows are informative, engaging, and fun to listen to, often spotlighting the people who make this lifestyle so special. If you’re not currently listening to any RV-related podcasts, you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn how to make the most of your time at the campsite. These shows can help you hone your skills and become a more efficient traveler while also introducing you to fellow RVers who share your passion for life on the road.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best RV podcasts currently available. Here are some that you should have on your playlist.

RV podcasts

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What is a Podcast?

Traditionally, a podcast is an audio program that shares a similar format to a talk radio show. But while a radio show is usually broadcast live over the airwaves, a podcast tends to be recorded and edited, then shared over the internet, where it can be downloaded to a smartphone, tablet, or computer anytime.

The shows range in length from just a few minutes to several hours, depending on the format. Most have a host or two (and sometimes more) who talk about specific topics, interview guests, debate current events, and so on. Often those hosts are not professional on-air personalities but are instead dedicated amateurs who are passionate about the subject of the show they are creating.

RV podcasts

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How do You Listen to a Podcast?

Most podcast listeners use a smartphone to download their favorite shows. Both Apple and Google include podcast apps that allow users to search for—and subscribe to—shows that are of interest. With literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, it can sometimes be overwhelming to sort through them all. These apps make that process much more manageable, providing alerts when new episodes are available and suggestions for other shows that cover similar topics.

One of the things that makes podcasts so unique is that you can listen to them anytime or anywhere. Because they are stored or streamed on a mobile device, listeners can start and stop whenever they choose. They can also tune in while hiking, working out, or just lounging around the campsite. They’re also a great option to keep you entertained on long drives.

10 Great RV Podcasts Should Be Listening To

There are dozens of RV-centric shows to listen to, some of which focus on specific subjects, while others are more general in nature. Finding the one that interests you can take some time, as the hosts, topics, and format can vary greatly. But to help get you started, here are a few of the top shows to add to your podcast playlist.

RV Miles

Probably the most popular and well-known RV podcast, RV Miles, is an excellent program that covers a broad range of topics. Hosts Jason and Abby Epperson keep listeners informed of current news from the RV industry while sharing tips and advice from their years of experience on the road. You’ll also get insider information on where to go and what to do, as well as advice on maintaining and upgrading your rig.

The RV Atlas

The RV Atlas is hosted by Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, who have years of camping experience with their three young boys. The couple shares their wisdom and knowledge with listeners, providing tips on making family outings better. They also do gear reviews, spotlight their favorite campgrounds, help with trip planning, and so much more.

RV podcasts

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Stories From the Road

The official podcast of Camping World, Stories From the Road, offers excellent interviews with RVers immersed in the lifestyle. From full-timers to weekend warriors and everyone in between, the people who appear on the show are fascinating to listen to and often have remarkable and inspirational stories to share.

The RV Podcast

Hosted by Mike and Jennifer Wendlend, The RV Podcast is a show dedicated to helping more people embrace the RV lifestyle. The couple lives in Michigan but spends several weeks each month living in their Class C motorhome and sharing stories from the road. The show is especially great for newcomers to RVing, as it offers advice on routine maintenance and excellent insights into the essential skills every RVer should know.

StressLess Camping

The StressLess Camping Podcast—and its companion website—is dedicated to making life on the road easier and more fun. The show covers topics ranging from RV basics to managing holding tanks to finding the best campsites, plus a whole lot more. You’ll also get insights into some of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations across the US and some handy tips and hacks to save you time and money while on the road.

RV podcast

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The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

Now that more of us can work from anywhere, plenty of smart, driven people are electing to do so from an RV. The RV Entrepreneur Podcast interviews folks who have started and grown a business while living full-time on the road. Guests share tips about RVing and help listeners create their dream projects and companies without compromising on travel and adventure.

The RV Navigator

The granddaddy of all RV podcasts, The RV Navigator has been producing episodes since 2005. Back then, the term “podcast” was almost completely unknown outside the tech community and a dedicated group of hardcore listeners. Since then, hosts Ken and Martha Wiseman have covered nearly every topic under the sun and shared their adventures with thousands of listeners. Now, they even offer travel advice for international escapes that don’t necessarily involve an RV.

RV Small Talk Podcast

What happens when three friends and co-workers bond over their shared love of RVing? Why, they start a podcast, of course! That’s the origin story for RV Small Talk, which was created by a trio of employees from an RV dealership in Texas. They share stories they hear from customers, talk about their own adventures, and offer insights into RV manufacturers, gear, and other aspects of the industry.

RV podcasts

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Keep Your Daydream

Marc and Tricia Leach have built their own RV-focused media company that includes a website, YouTube channel, and podcast. The couple’s Keep Your Daydream brand focuses on helping others live a life of travel and adventure, both in the RV and out. On the show, they discuss the challenges of living with your partner and family in a confined space, how to make the most of your vehicle, and how to travel efficiently and comfortably.

The Traveling Robert Podcast

Robert Morales is an avid RVer who lives on the road full-time. Every week he creates a new podcast episode sharing stories as he travels around the country. Each episode of the Traveling Robert Podcast is packed with great information, including advice on visiting specific destinations, traveling safer, and upgrading your RV with new technology.

You can find each of these audio shows in your favorite podcast app. Just type in the name of the program into the search feature to see all of the available episodes. There are literally thousands of hours of content to listen to, which should keep you busy for some time.

Happy listening!

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