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weBoost Drive Reach RV Review

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Reliable internet is critical for remote workers and RV owners. In this gear review, we’re taking a look at weBoost Drive Reach RV, a fantastic option for RVers who are working and living on the go and need the best tool for a trustworthy internet connection.

You need to uplink online quickly, and we think we’ve found the option of choice.

Introducing the weBoost Drive Reach RV: a cell signal booster system designed to maximize your data reach to the nearest cell tower. This two-part system includes both an inside antenna as well as an outdoor antenna, boosting your Wi-Fi access up to 74% more. It includes hardware that assists with mounting and creating extended cellular reach.

We’re giving this system high praise when it comes to RV-specific Wi-Fi connections. This new model is designed specifically for RVs, with adjustable antenna guide wires that let you place the receiver wherever is best for your RV. With 30-ft of cable, cable ties, this device simply makes the signal of an existing Wi-Fi network stronger. This is a huge help if you’re at a campground and your campsite doesn’t have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

The system is adaptable as an in-vehicle source for all RV classes.

Key Features of the weBoost Drive Reach RV

  • Adaptable as an in-vehicle source for all RV classes.
  • Reaches cell towers up to 74% farther than Drive X RV.
  • Omnidirectional antenna stops dropped calls and improves data speeds.
  • Works on all US carrier networks and is 5G ready.
  • Includes exterior ladder mount optimum for the antenna.

Keep in mind this is a booster of Wifi signal, not a source of Wi-Fi. This extends the capability of your Wi-Fi signal so you have the optimal reach, making sure you can access the internet better. Join Mike Wendland as he takes you on a tour of the product and reviews what exactly this cell phone booster does, how it works, and why it’s a great addition to your RV. See the full video review above. 

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